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Need AT ski and binding suggestions

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Being caught up with other sports...and life in general I havent skied all that much in recent years but did so when I was younger. The last 2 years I've skied several days and want to get back into it. Several of my friends telemark and go to the back country. While I don't want to telemark I would like to try an AT setup and am looking for suggestions on skis and bindings.

I will probably be spending 90% of the time at the hills and 10% back country. I still consider myself a fairly aggressive skier, and am 6'4" weighing around 200lbs. Probably very little tree skiing or hitting drops/jumps...knee injuries

I dont think dynafit bindings are necessary, unless you can prove they are. Ski conditions in BC vary, so powder, groomed, and icy conditions occur frequently. I would like to stay in the 5-800 range for bindings and skis.

Can you guys recommend a few for me to further look into. I have no idea where to start, so this is it! Need any further information? Thanks, help appreciated!
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90% lift served and 10% backcountry or sidecountry means you will probably be more willing to accept a weight penalty in order to get better downhill performance. Dynafits are probably not suitable for a large aggressive skier doing a lot of resort skiing, and are your lightest binding choice. At the other end of the spectrum is the Marker Duke. This bindng can ski the resort full-time. It is a bit heavy and cumbersome for skinning since you have to take the ski off to change modes. In the middle of these you have the Fritchi Freeride and Naxo bindings, but I think you would give up too much durability and incur flex at the boot/binding interface. So, I'm going with Marker as a recommendation.

Any ski will work for you. Lighter is better, but you are going to need some width if you are in soft snow a fair amount. Lots of good skis in the 85 to 103 size range, and you should be able to get lightweight synthetic core skis like Atomic Snoop Daddy, Sugar Daddy etc that would be a couple seasons out of date to keep the cost down.

You are still faced with getting some important items budgeted like skins, an avy tranceiver, and rescue gear, pack and most important, training. Take your time and be sure you are fully equipped to be safe before you head out.
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Thanks for the reply. Looking online the skis and bindings appear to be at the very top of my price range. Are there any others you may recommend or sites that sell these at a discount?
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There are online prices, and there are other deals supporters usually find.
So yeah, I guess I could..
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I've been reading the snoop daddy has a very thin edge however I have not been able to find info regarding lifespan of the ski. Of course I'm still looking for other options and as always those sweet deals... needy noobs
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You should send a PM to mntlion and check out the Volkl Explosives he has for sale on his site www.mntlion.com. Ask him if he has a current hookup on AT bindings. If you contact ptex1 on the marker dukes, you might find a deal too. You won't get a better ski for agressive resort and BC than the Exploder. You're going to need a couple more posts to access the PM system.

Use a small part of your savings to become a site supporter.
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