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Michael Rogan, without a doubt. The seeming lack of effort and tremendous power and immactulate balance that guy has with every turn he makes, just makes me drool with envy.
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A while ago a friend said, "jeez, you are now skiing almost as well as you thought you skied a few years ago".

I guess I'd like to be able to ski like I think I ski now!

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I want to ski like Sonny Bono [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Well, my wife says I ski like Sonny Bono when I'm hugging the trees in the glades after mis-judging a turn :
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Kjetil Andre Aamodt. 7 Olympic Medals and 12 World Championship Medals. Not to mention his World Cup results over the last years. Hermann isn't to bad either [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I like the vegetable theme.

I want to ski like an eggplant.

However, I want the brain of Aamodt. I'm not sure I want his style, but there is no better tactician on the world cup right now. Salt Lake Olympics Super G case in point. Now thats skiing.

But I still say eggplant.
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If I were to pick a vegetable, it would be a tree with deep roots.
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There are many, mostly animals (non-humans)
Dolphin, the way they play in and with the water is amazing
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I want to ski like an otter.

Slick, smooth, and playful.

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Gosh---What a question-----I certainly don`t mind skiing like myself. I`m always learning and adapting to what I see read, and infuse into my psyche. There isn`t really one person, I`m constantatly stealing from my experience!!!!!!(objectively or subjectively)----------Larry C :
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Interesting question. There are certainly many more technically perfect skiers than I (hey I'm an undisciplined free spirit having fun), some better skilled at moguls, skiers who huck, flip, or can straightline Valdez steeps, or exhillerating downhills racers. Although I respect all those skiers and the skills they possess but would any of those skills actually change my style of skiing the way I go at having fun on a mountain? For the most part many of the above are about more dangerous skiing pursuits which I would in my older age choose to avoid as personally unnecessary in pursuit of enjoyment. Dangerous challenging terrain is not something I have any interest in conquering. I like skiing just the way I do which I find immensely enjoyable. I'm just a happy rabbit bouncing around in the wonderful snowy softness.

Now what I would very much like instead of being able to ski like someone else would be rich and not have to work like some of those lucky skiers and spend my whole winters skiing (my way). -David
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Hugo Harrison.

Bob, I hope you are in Jackson!
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