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(I think this is the right forum, mods feel free to move if not)

I'm looking for a vacation home/condo to rent the week of New Years in either Revelstoke or Golden for 8-10 people. Anyone know of some good resources?

I had a place in Revelstoke that looked pretty good but the owners ended up renting it and not updating the agency website (duh). I've found a place in Golden onslope at Kicking Horse that looks really sweet, brand new, private hot tub, big kitchen, HDTVs etc. but it's a bit pricey at $1k/night (Revelstoke was $600/night, older home obviously not onslope but large). I'm also paranoid about KH having a lean early season since the good terrain is really boney, whereas Revelstoke is a safer bet for that time of year snow wise.

I'm getting worried about finding a place so will probably book the one I've put a hold on at Kicking Horse but just wanted to check and see if anyone had a line on a place in either town.