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Ptarmigan Ridge Powder Turns

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(cross-posted from TGR)

Sunday rolled around and I feared I might miss my October turns unless I hiked my ass up to the glacier. Having watched the snow level yo-yo from 5,000 up to 7,000, I expected I would need to get high to find anything...but figured that ice turns would be better than no turns if the conditions were eh.

So I soloed up to point 7160. To my disappointment, the conditions were far worse than they had been only a week or so earlier. It was a combination of water ice and barely covered water ice.

I managed to find about 400' of barely skiable cover. Decided to take a second run further west, but stopped when offered a cup of coffee by a couple of skiers from down sound. By the end of the cup I decided there was no point in risking my season trying to skid down that mess.

So back off the mountain. On the way down had to take the obligatory shot over the seracs. The snowfields on upper Roosevelt looked nice, but there's no nice way into them.

I had written off this week...until I got a call from extremo mountain dude and all around good guy Thierry. The forecasts were for 4" to 8", with the FL dropping to 3500'. So I got up this morning and headed East, leaving the "powder rules" message at work.

About 4" at heather meadows slowly built to 8" at artist point. We headed out to Ptarmigan in search of a little bit of base underneath it.

Five miles in for 100' of vertical with a foot of fluff on crust. What could be better?

Fortunately the road back down from Artist Point was well enough covered to ski down...although it was a lot of poling it beat walking back.

Skiing to the car in October? Priceless.
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I sort of think I hate you. Although an hour mtb lap near the house w/fall colors & snow showing on the Cascades did not suck either.

Nice work!
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Like I was thereā€¦[I could even smell the coffee]. Enjoyed.
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Originally Posted by spindrift View Post

Nice work!
No doubt. Thanks for the TR
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That third pic is beautiful.
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Damn you! I was trying to wait until next week to get my juices flowing. I even hit the road to redirect my thoughts, but nooooo. You had to get me all excited.

Great pics.
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Thanks for sharing! :
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did you know i make for a great sherpa?
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Nice photos. I woke up dreaming of skiing knee deep pow. I hope this is another good year!

As far as sherpas...I'm kind of a 'tough ol' mule'
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Man that sure is pretty , thanks for the pictures and post more if you have them ,that is sure a long way from Houston !
BTW, what is TGR ?
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Originally Posted by Mojo1 View Post
BTW, what is TGR ?

I'll put some pics up from the next trip, hopefully this week or next...all depends on Mother Nature right now.
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