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Sleeping in car

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I was amused by the thread on the prospects for tenting it over the weekend. I'm not into the tent but have on occasion slept over in the car. Warm bag and a sheet of the solid blue insulation from home depot. Nose gets cold and the inside frosts up but it's not as bad as you might think. I use a butane stove to make coffee and poridge in the morning. Has anyone else done this and what other adaptations have you tried? Any special equipment?
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I've got similar query:

In mid-February, I'm going to arrive in Calgary a little past midnight on a Friday night. Seeing that I'm going to be on the road the following morning by 6:45, is it ridiculous to get a hotel for less than six hours of sleep?

Should I just spend the night in my rental car (hopefully in the airport garage)?
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Summer 2001
-bought van
-loaded with gear
-filled passenger seat with best friend
-drove to idaho
-got jobs at resort
-parked van at resort
-plugged into nearby building
-space heater, tv/vcr, stereo, fridge, hot plate, no need for anything else.
-two sleeping bags and big warm blanket
-snowed lots!!!!!!
-hitch-hiked to work
-lived and skied everyday
-spent money on food, beer, and gear
-pulled van out of snowbank in spring
Best experience of my life.......so far.......can't wait to do it again
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My Dodge that I totaled last winter had the travel seats that would make a double bed or face each other with a table in the middle for a dinette. I slept in it a lot. I never slept in it in winter though.
I used to have a Chevy Suburban that I made a deck in where I could keep skis underneath and had a mattress on top. I spent many nights in ski area parking lots in that. Usually sleeping bags were enough. If it got really cold I'd just let it run and warm up(made sure not to go to sleep with it running).
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James, Calgary can be cold in Feb. but if its chinooking it would be reasonable. An option might be to drive to wherever your going to, Banff or LL and stay the night at a hostel for $20 can which is ~ $13 US. Have to make reservations before hand.
Just thinking of the parking thing. Would have to stay in the rental lot in order to make sense $$wise as if you left and went into general public parking would cost you $15. I would think it would be kinda of well lit for me to get a good night sleep.
whats your schedule for that weekend? Could trade a night in a bed close to the airport for a ride up to the mountains & motel couch for the night. What are you skiing Sat.?
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I slept in my old Honda Civic a few times in NZ before ski days. It is always more fun when you have a playful and willing companion with you though.
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Originally posted by TheRockSkier:
I slept in my old Honda Civic a few times in NZ before ski days. It is always more fun when you have a playful and willing companion with you though.

[ October 25, 2002, 06:53 AM: Message edited by: Tanglefoot ]
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It didn't work out so well for the DC sniper dudes.
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Lots of horror stories about sleeping in cars.(none I've heard from ski area parking lots though)
Like that companion. I used to travel with my Siberian Husky, Sabre. Sure miss the old fellow.
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Great thread!
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I've slept in all sorts of cars and trucks. Never ate poridge though... or at least never called it that. Nor curds and whey for that matter.
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We moved up to a motorhome a few years ago. I recommend it highly.

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We've all looked at the *ski critique wanted* video clips by dchan...and others....we gonna get to critique some video of you getting ZZZZs...?
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I slept in the bed of a truck on the coldest december night vail had that year. It had a shell but the window was missing. The snow blew in and all my clothes froze in a pile. I don't recommend that. We kept waking up and going walking and whatever it took to warm up. The vail police came by and didn't even offer to help us. (our alternator went out, not that we would have done it different if it was working, but still). But besides that I sleep in the truck all the time when I go fishing. I think its comfortable. I enjoy it cause you fall asleep early and wake up to the morning light. There's nothing like it.
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Isn't porridge something characters eat in fairy tales?
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That blonde chick bogarted all the bears'....
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Supermat, that sounds like a pretty crappy nite..
One thing i have heard that is actually really cool in most ski towns is how sometimes they will let you sleep in the jails for a nite or two.
Walk in freezing and sometimes the cops on duty or whatever are pretty caring..just getta put on the jumpsuit or what not..and you get an ok bed for the nite and even a nice meal in the morning!!
All you gotta do is ask.

Just a suggestion for anyone that might get stranded..
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