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so i just added up all the days i am slated to either coach my ski team, attend clinics/workshops/seminars, and attend cert exams... and i am at 61 days (with the possibility of at least another 5+ days). and this doesn't even include any days where i want to just free ski with my wife, friends, or own kids....

this would be fine and dandy, except i have a FULL TIME job running my own company with employees, partners, business travel etc. oh well, this should be an interesting and busy winter. something has gotta give and unfortunately it will probably be some of the clinics that i want to attend. oh well.... skiing/coaching is a hobby for me and something i enjoy doing. but who knows, maybe in the long term future... it WILL become a full time gig for me .

anyhoo, just curious how many days of work other part-time instructors/coaches (-or- folks with other full time jobs) are anticipating this upcoming winter?