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WOW!  As a first time participant in ESA, I couldn't ask for more. Fantastic coaches, "epic" mountain and conditions = great big grins premanently affixed to participants faces. Cudos and special thanks to Nolo and RIdge Hippy for creating a welcoming, warm environment, especially for new comers to the Epic scene.  Thanks for making it happen. Nolo, I promise not to knock you over, if you''ll ski with me again. :)

The pre-ESA meetup at Bridger was a nice entry into the Epic world. Thanks go out to Rio, Ric B, Kate, Shannon and again to Nolo and Ridge Hippy for the all day tour and hike up the ridge at Schlassman's. Just getting to ski with everyone, (those above, along with Vinn, Phil, Scuppers, Weems and Squatty) was a treat my first day out. Looking forward to doing it again someday.

For anyone out there considering ESA, go for it. Your skiing will improve regardless of how inept or how good you may think you are. These guys and gals are the "real deal".  The cherry on top is the fun that everyone has getting you there.

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Thank you, Smooth Move. It was a great pleasure to meet and ski with you at Bridger and Big Sky during that unforgettable week of incredible powder skiing.

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