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Give it up for Mr. and Mrs. SCSA

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Just Maui'd on 8-16-2001 - on our 5th year anniversary.

I know women (and men) everywhere are hurting - SCSA is married. But some how, you've got to figure out how to carry on.

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Congratulations on your 5th wedding anniversary, you are a fine looking couple.

More than that, SCSA [ what is your real name ?] you're a "lucky dawg" in the nicest sense of the idea. Your bride is lovely, so don't ever, ever let her get away.

Now, I see why you think Volants are for the old folks. You probably are close to one of my sons in age. One who just truned 25 yesterday is getting married in 7 weeks. He also skis like a "bat out of hell." Has no fear, skis everything and anything. He laughs at my Volants, so that's why for a college graduation present he's skiing Atomics !

BTW it was our 30th this past June. Now you fully understand why I ski Volants, as does my wife.
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Congrats SCSA, and best of luck in many many more years...
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Nice picture, Scca. Congratulations on your fifth anniversary. Do you take your wife skiing?
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Thanks all,

I'm a lucky man, no doubt about it.

I get these really great love notes in my lunches. She makes a cold, cloudy day sunny and warm and a sunny day even brighter.

I'm 42.

No, she doesn't ski - yet. Once I finish our house in the mountains, she's going to start. She'll probably be a fair weather skier, hitting the slopes when it's sunny. Her and her sister like to hang out and people watch though.

Thanks again and happy days to all the couples out there.
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God! You're only 3 years older than my son. Congrats! Checkout the thread on teaching your SO to ski. Lots of good advice there. My first wife said "skiing or me" guess which I chose. I almost didn't have a second because I tried to teach her. Thank god for a freinds wife who was an instructor. She taught her and all four daughters. We're coming up on 13 years in Oct.(17 together) She patrols at two ares and gets me family passes there. Good deal.
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Best wishes to both of you. Now get your lovely bride out on the slopes with you! Is she coming on the Fernie trip too?

Happy anniversary!
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Always glad to see photos of 40+ people who look fit. Its time we broke some stereotypes. Your wife is beautiful in a classical way that we just don't see enough of.
Good Luck!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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He didn't SAY she was in her 40's......

DO pay attention, SCSA, to the advice to NOT attempting to teach your wife to ski. Encourage her to begin on a comfortable, sunny day and hook her up with someone sensitive like SnoKarver or possibly a lady instructor SnoKarver can recommend.
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seconding Kneale here. Be patient with her, Paul, if it's important she ski with you. Set her up for a successful intro to it. One crappy day for a first-timer can become a crappy day for "the last time i EVER ski," too.
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She's 38.

Yeah, it's not going to kill her if she doesn't learn. She loves rafting and wants me to go. But I'm terrified even though I swim miles each week. But since we'll be in Eagle and if it's sunny, her and I can go out and make a few turns. The real reason why she wants to learn is so that she can see her boy ski.

When she does learn, yes, I'm going to find a female PMTS instructor to teach her.
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I am just catching up to all the posts and saw this picture.

Congratulations SCSA on your (and your wife's) 5th anniversary. Bye the way, both of you look great and it is nice to associate a face with the infamous SCSA.
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