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Mike, you can expect the "usual suspects" at Aspen this year with maybe a couple of new kids.
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Great! I already have my reservation at the St. Regis (free room). Looking forward to it.

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Side note:
Did ya'll notice the EpicSki Auction with the ESA Vests?

Its a chance to get an original ESA fleece vest, from some of the first events.
Don't miss out!
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Well I rethought the car thing and a La boy in the mountains driving for an hour and a half probaly not the best scenario HUH? Anyway I think I am going to really enjoy this based off what I have read and heard. I hope I don't need any medics though TC.
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The drive from Eagle is not treacherous -- we have made the decision based on the relative convenience of having a car and the comparable cost of the car rental versus shuttle cost. Either way, once you are at Snowmass, you can get along very well by using the shuttles and buses. This is our third time to ESA Snowmass, so I guess that you could say that we really enjoy it.
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bus from DIA to Aspen

Saw this on the Aspen/Snomwass website:

Introducing new ground transportation to Aspen/Snowmass from Gray Line. Gray Line Colorado offers luxury nonstop express service between Denver International Airport and Aspen/Snowmass. Gray Line Worldwide, based in Colorado, brings nearly 100 years of experience as the world's largest operator of sightseeing and transportation services in premier resort destinations. Gray Line is the official ground transportation provider to Aspen/Snowmass. Call 877-277-3690 to book the Aspen/Snowmass Express today.

Price: 240.00 round trip
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