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deals, bargains, and value

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We as consumers want the best deal we can get right?

Unfortunately many of us are misguided or naive about what constitutes a good value.

When shopping for skis, finding the best price may make sense and buying them at a swap may be viable, However; buying ski boots at a swap is probably the biggest mistake a consumer could make! Think about it....

Finding the best VALUE when buying ski boots will probably not happen at a ski swap or big box tent sale. VALUE encompasses spending the least and getting the best results in the long run. This many times does not end with the purchase price of a ski boot. There are many factors that go into your ultimate satisfaction and success when purchasing ski boots. Most ski swappers who come into my shop with their swap purchased boots have been sold the wrong size, or inappropriate model for their goals and abilities. With ski boots, a salesperson at a ski swap is only interested in unloading what their business brought to the swap or sale, they are not interested in your long term satisfaction. Their tact is generally to get you in some boots and move on to the next person as quickly as possible. Their fitting tactics are to address any fit issues you may have with a larger size boot until your rejections subside and you are convinced you got a great deal. After all they do not have any fitting tools with them and probably wouldn't know how to use them if they did? They prey on your ignorance about how a boot should fit!

To find the best value in a ski boot purchase you have to educate yourself. You must understand the value of a skilled boot fitter who will correctly assess your needs and select the appropriate level, size, shape boot for your personal needs then take the time to make you footbeds and modify the boots to perfectly match your feet and legs. They will also provide follow up fitting modifications, generally at no charge. While you may pay a bit more for your ski boots up front you will benefit in the longer run by spending far less money. Many people come to realize their swap or big box boot purchase was poor that they are useless and need to spend more money.

Be smart! boots are the most important ski equipment purchase you will make! Get it right the first time and reap the benefits in your skiing comfort and success! Remember, the best value saves you money in the long run! If you do not believe me ask any long time skier!
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Great post Bud, and at the perfect time as well. Swap season is upon us right now.
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Totally agree. I may go online in July to look for a particular new ski I know well from two years ago, but the only time I ever bought boots online, my "deal" (about $100 less than at a local store that I used to "try on" model) ended up costing me - letsee - $60 for boot work after a week of increasing pain, $110 later that season for more work and liners, followed by selling the boots on Fleabay for $50. Net loss, depreciated, $320. compromised skiing enjoyment, priceless...
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Hey Bud!
What kind of deal can you cut me on a Pair of Krypton Storms?
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Now that I got that out of the way

Two years ago, my girlfriends son was entering high school and was planning on being on the high school ski team(had some success with nastar and got the bug)
As a new ski team member, he was required to work the school sponsored ski swap, during which time, he went to his coach, also the local shop manager(also served as the shops boot fitter) to let him know he was in the market for new boots.
The coach "fitted him"(I'm being generous when I use that term) for a pair of two year old atomic race boots, New, which had been collecting dust on the local shop shelves. After three times out on snow, his feet were swimming in the boots, and he needed tons of packing to get him through the season.

I vowed to never go to that shop again, and I haven't.
This guy is the kids coach, the shop manager, and supposed to be a boot fitter, yet he did this growing kid a huge disservice, as well as a disservice to the ski team.
Meanwhile the kid spent a year with miserable feet and volumes of time packing his boots.

A year later, this kid went to a ski shop(not the one managed by the coach) and got a race boot 2 full sizes smaller than the atomic.
Here we are two years later...........This kid did phenomenal on the race team last year. Now he's the coaches pet, and the coach is doing back flips to do stuff for the kid. My GF is falling for it, but I can't say I'd be so gracious.
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Agreed Bud but I will definitely say that not all bootfitters are created equal.

I bought some Kryptons the year they came out and had a reasonable fit done in the shop. No pain worked pretty well, but I wanted them to work at there best. Went to a fitter at Snowbird and adhered to all his work and suggestions including Zip Fit liners, cuff alignment and footbeds. It was also suggested I move the mounting point of my bindings forward.

OK great I'm ready to go and will maximize the performamnce of my boots right? WRONG! I hated the Zip fits and the forward mounting point. The cuff alignment was worse than when I went in, so a VERY dissapointing experience and lotsa $$$ spent. I used the footbeds, but went back to the way things were originally for everything else.

Fast forward to the next season and I have the idea that I can drop down a shell size. Let me say that the shell sizing originally done at the purchase shop was within all the recommendations posted by fitters here, but I wanted the closest PAIN FREE fit I could get. I order another pair of Kryptons in a 28 shell which is down one size from my original purchase.

The 28's come in, I put them on and my feet immediately say NO WAY. After the initial dissapointment that I bought something that was only good for some parts for my original size boots I had an idea. I took the liners out of the 28's and tried just them on to find that it was the liners that were too short. I then tried my 29 liners in the 28 shell and while still a bit cramped thought I had something to work with.

I took the 28 shell/29 liner to a fairly well known bootfitter in Breckenridge and after thoroughly checking my alignment, dorsiflexion and putting powder in the boots to check for potential hotspots etc... he did some grinding in the toebox, aligned the cuffs and VIOLA a very close fit that works well for me and providing the VALUE that Bud speaks of.

The only recommendation he made that I haven't followed through on is heel lifts although it hasn't been ruled out.

I've since bought a second pair of 28 shells and two pairs of 29 liners at great prices which should keep me in these boots for several years as I have extra toungs, buckles etc... to use for parts and will be getting the new pair ground/aligned in Jackson Hole this season.

Finally to echo Bud's value point, while the first work with a fitter at Snowbird was a negative experience, the second one was great and yielded the value I was looking for.

I'm now pretty certain that when my skiing sucks it's my ability or lack there of that's holding me back and not my equipment.
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post
Hey Bud!
What kind of deal can you cut me on a Pair of Krypton Storms?

I can give you a great price over the net but it will not include fitting or follow up service. That is why I am offering 40% all last year's boots to members, because this sale requires none of my time or knowledge.

PM me and I will check to see what I can do for you on the current Storms, cause I know you just like the way they look!
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Originally Posted by bud heishman View Post
I can give you a great price over the net but it will not include fitting or follow up service. That is why I am offering 40% all last year's boots to members, because this sale requires none of my time or knowledge.

PM me and I will check to see what I can do for you on the current Storms, cause I know you just like the way they look!
Well Duh!
I am a girl, after all........isn't that all we care about
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