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What a difficult first day

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First day of the year for me at Solitude and it had its difficulties:

On the first run I nearly froze my face off but...
That was because I kept taking face shots from the very start of it.

The light was totaly flat with only clouds, fog, and snow but...
The snow was so good you could make turns with you eyes closed.

I took some nice shots to my edges and bases but...
It was because I chose to traverse and sidestep up a ridge to find above knee powder off the top.

On my intended last run of the day my legs were burning but...
That was because we were still able to find fresh tracks in knee deep powder and we skied it non-stop (that's Solitude for you).

I took one more run after that and my legs hurt even more but ...
That was because we went back to the same spot and did the same thing.

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Yeah, tomorrow do a run for me!
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Yea my third day was really hard for me too...its not so easy moving through 16" of fresh snow. In order to handle it you have to go fast and you have to turn. Plus the sun was so bright I had to sneak into the trees to get away from it. And all the lifties were in such a great mood that I was forced to smile back.

Saw a beautiful Sundog today, btw.
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Twas pretty cool meeting you today, sorry we didn't get to ski together more. Did you guys catch the rope drop on Honeycomb? Waiting for a buddy of mine detained me just long enough to arrive at the top of Summitt in time for rope dropping!

There were about 10 people in front of me on the skiers left traverse. I took about 30-40 steps out and couldn't figure out why I should traverse further. It was totally untouched below me, I whooped and hollered the whole way down. I put the second track down through the middle of the canyon, mini face shots along the way. Even the normally bumped up final pitch before the lift was untouched, second track down it.

I saw you guys at the Honeycomb lift one other time, but once again I was waiting for someone.

Whew, what a day!

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It was nice meeting you as well. Yes we were at the rope drop, in fact our group of 4 was in the lead. Evan was doing the trail breaking. We planned on trying to meet up with you again but the old powder feast got in the dang way! I know what you mean about not waiting but we went out past the far gate where the shots are a bit steeper and longer. It was all good, anyway. I am sure we will get a chance to ski together again sometime.

Matt, sorry we didn't get a chance to meet up, even though we met your girlfriend. Perhaps we'll catch a few turns tomorrow or Saturday?
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Here's my somewhat longer day report. I'm trying to initiate a bit of Epicski/TGR love, can't we all get along?

http://www.tetongravity.com/forums/showthread.php?s=ac918c39ce07051450e5d0314591cd2e& threadid=3030

In our run down to Sunrise I was watching Evan, damn, that kid can rip!

Let's do it again soon!

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Hey, at least you had a first day. It's 45 and raining here.
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All this reading about face shots and powder is killing me. I'm going to be skiing one stinking trail this weekend, after driving 180 miles. I am seriously thinking of somehow making it to utah in December but with a trip to Sunshine village in Jan don't know if I can swing the money. Well you guys got skunked last November while we got hit hard so I guess it's only right that you get you're turn this year.
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