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I just unearthed these a couple of weeks ago. Hadn't seen them in years. The Fischers were my first skis and the Harts my second. Tyrolia 120s and 150s.
I wanted them to bring that simple graphic back for a retro 80 something waist.
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For some reason those Fischer's look like they would've been good powder skis.
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Originally Posted by 4ster View Post
For some reason those Fischer's look like they would've been good powder skis.
AFAIK they were an entry level model but the tip profile is pretty extreme. Way more 'rockered' than my PEs. Can't say for sure they came from the factory that way though.

Those two pair got me through my first seven years of skiing. I broke the other Futura.
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With Marker M51 racing bindings
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There were some rickety skis that rattled so much I couldn't make it up the t-bar when I was very small. Later there were some skis my dad got from the Salvation army; someone told my dad they had been used by the 10th Mountain Division and were good. These painted wooden skis had metal edges screwed on, and bear-trap bindings. In that same group was a wooden ski with with a natural finish and no edges and leather straps holding you into the beartrap bindings. After deciding I liked skiing with these, I got some modern skis..
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Mine came from a defunct department store called Korvette's. They had metal edges, but they were free-heal. My boots were a pair of sears hiking/work boots. I was 5 and I used them in the back yard and at the local sledding hills. I didn't go to an actual ski area until I was 9. You could say I earned my turns except for the fact that I did not know how to turn. I just went straight downhill until I came to a stop then walked up and did it again, and again, and again...

I do not still have them.
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