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XT 17 cuff alignment

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I have recently bought the top model from Tecnica and i would like to know if it is possible to adjust the cuff alignment to my lower leg configuration. On the US site they say that the Xt has a "2 position cuff alignment".

Unfortunately the manual that came with the boots is useless

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The best way to align the XT is by adding the 6 mmm lifts, and grind in the adjustment.
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While helispin provides the best way to cant any boot and the only visible way to cant the XT17 that does not address cuff alignment. Redcarver, you should go to a very good bootfitter to address your complete alignment issues. While cuff alignment canting is popular the number of people for whom that is the best alignment are relatively few. To my knowledge the XT17 is not customer cant adjustable but a boot fitter should be able to do it IF that is what you need. You would also need a fully equiped bootfitter to cant your boot sole with or without lifts IF, on the other hand, that is what you need. I hope that helps.

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