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Universal Sport ski race coverage - Page 2

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Well, the dumb asses have posted the Men's run #2. Only a message saying 'stay tuned' for run #1.
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Originally Posted by trtaylor57 View Post
Well, the dumb asses have posted the Men's run #2. Only a message saying 'stay tuned' for run #1.
Yeah, & right next to it they have an unavoidable headline basically telling you who won the race ! Totally spoiled it!

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The white elephant in the room is, why don't they broadcast to a wider viewing audience on TV... No Universal coverage in NH. Im stuck watching it online, or watching some lame Jeep King of The Mountain events...
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I think Phil and Steve did a great job. The video quality was even exceptable. Not hi-def but I'll take it. Just wish I could watch live. I have to navigate through the site using my 8 martini vision so that I dont see any headlines or results.
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I'll have to get that 8 martini vision, or maybe just start with 4 & see if that works.

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To make it work in Firefox you need to install this Windows Media Player plug-in for the browser:

You must have WMP 10 or 11 and it will not give you the video controls but you watch just fine.


Here's some more info on the video playback:

http://universalsports.tv/Video_Help.html?SPSID=105981&SPID=12760&DB_OEM_ID= 23000
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Other than a booming voice, I don't feel like peter graves is adding very much to the commentary...

And, since we aren't getting the feed live, why does there have to be so many breaks in the delayed footage.... Frustrating I say
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