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Waiting for snow

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Some folks are skiing that WROD or whatever the cool kids call it these days.

Not for me. Nor do we have one. yet. Boreal's tryin. Probably won't make that one.

I like skiing (ok, snowboarding.) as much as the next guy, but that WROD junk show with all the mall snowboarders who try to prove they are core by hitting that little lump of snow.....


Way less core, we've been waitin' for snow.

I'll update this until I get snow.

Hopefully I'll update it once or twice. More likely, I'll update it more.

Here's some shots

Cruised up to the meadows for the first 'storm' of the year

Sarah Dakota Lake

Maddie. Cloud.



Sarah. Dakota. Granite.

One day it snowed.

Slide Mountain (Rose ski hill).

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I'd never been up Tallac without snow, so we headed up Tallac, camped, and met my folks the next day for wine tasting


dogs. girlfriend

My favorite. Cathedral range.

a lake.

me 'n the ol' dog on top of a hill

Sarah and Dakota head on down

ol' maddaroo

lil campin'

then wine tasting

Holly's Hill. Good zin. We're members. They discontinued the zin.

Apple hill has lots of....

wait for it....


and crafts.

and ol' timers watchin' pigs on spits

We stuck to the wine...

Lunch at Lava Cap

Finished up with Boeger for the day

Sarah at Boeger

Even dogs like Boeger

Thanks for readin.

I hope I don't update this a ton.
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Great views!

Thank you for sharing, great pictures and love your dogs.
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Nice pics and boy do I miss my dog.
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Originally Posted by splitter View Post
Thanks for readin.

I hope I don't update this a ton.
Thanks for sharin!
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Wow some of those are impressive views, your lucky...
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Waiting Waiting Waiting

Nice pics. Maybe some snow down to 3500 tonight. The real key though is maybe.
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Its a good time of year to hang in the wine country. Things are settling down after the crush and most of the juice is in the barrel. It makes the winemakers more mellow as they wait for colder weather to prune. Lots of sales to clear out the vintages.

I enjoyed your trip. Keep it up.
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very beautifull places, after looking at your photos it just made me want to get a dog that much more. i cant travel with my macaw like i would with a dog
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WoW!!!!! Amazing Pictures. You certainly know how to have a good time - even without snow.
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Great Pics!

"You don't grow too old to play, you grow old because you stop playing"
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Life is good. Pics look great man, I too am sharing in your wait for snow in the Sierras.
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snow yet? :
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post
snow yet? :
Way to bump Trek.

Many awesome pics Splitter, truly outstanding.
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I must say, Splitters TR's NEVER disappoint.
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