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Rate/Rank these skis.

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Ok, I am looking to buy a new pair of skis and i have been doing some research.

My skiing style:
-I am a good skiier, not proffesional quality but i ski hike access and blacks/double blacks fairly easily.
-I dont hit the park much but i would like to start getting into it.
-I enjoy hitting jumps/drops/ledges and what ever else i see along the run.
-I ski mainly in New Mexico (Taos and Angel Fire)or sometimes Colorado so the snow i ride is usually not too light and fluffy. We do have pow days tho.

In My resaerch i tried to find skis that were reccommended for all terrain but with some park influence.

Here are the Skis i have thought about:

Line Prophet (90 or 100.. IDK)
Volkl Bridge (Recommended by ppl on this forum)
Volkl Mantra
Solomon Threat
Solomon Supsect
Solomon 1080 (maybe)
K2 Kung Fujas
K2 Silencer
K2 Extreme
Nordica Enforcer

Please Rate/Rank these skis in the order of what you think would be best for me. I have never skied on any of them so i dont know what theyre like...

Also, What size ski would u recommend?

I am about 5'8" and weigh roughly 140-150 lbs.

Thank you,
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#1....Line P-90 (172)

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of all the research i've done on tgr (i'm currently in the market for new skis as well), the line prophet 100 and the volkl mantra have had the most positive feedback from that list.
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awesome, thanks guys
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i also vote for either of the prophets (p90 or p100), the bridge, or the k2 extreme/pe. however, i would go for 179cm's on the prophets, 177cm's on the bridges, and 179cm's on the extremes/pe's
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The shortest the Prophets come in is 172? If so that seems way too long for me lol
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Originally Posted by Dank420 View Post
The shortest the Prophets come in is 172? If so that seems way too long for me lol
What lukc said...

The prophets are twins so they'll ski short. Go at least 172, though 179 would probably be better.

Maybe just demo?
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Originally Posted by Dank420 View Post
The shortest the Prophets come in is 172? If so that seems way too long for me lol
i would strongly disagree... i am not mocking you. i just think that your perceptions are off. but my 5'6, 130lb. sister would have no problem skiing the 172's. at least in more open terrain, she wouldn't. so i doubt that you'd have any trouble in tighter terrain with them.
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IMO you need to prioritize your mission a bit. No ski will excel at all the stuff you list. Most of these are good in pow, so that's not a discriminant. What will separate is what mission will involve majority of your skiing.

#1 - Bridge. If you see this more as an all-mountain stick. Better than the P-90 on ice and crud, which you get a fair amount of at Taos, and more stable than anything except the Mantra and Big Trouble. Not a great freestyle ski because it feels directional even though it has twin tips. Typical Volkl feel, middle of the road weight, stiffness, and dampness.
#2 - Extreme. The old PE. Best of the bunch in bumps and tight spots, bit narrow and heavy if you see yourself hiking for your turns. Most forgiving of the bunch, too. Keep the edges sharp for when you're on ice. If you pick this one, get last year's PE cheap, virtually same ski.
#3 - Big Trouble. Not on your list but should be if your definition of freestyle includes the backside or OB. Not as nimble as a couple here, but very strong and smooth. Least forgiving, though. Also no change for 08-09, so get last year's.
#4 - Mojo 90. Not on your list, but should be if you hike and do a lot of backcountry. Light and nearly as good in tight spaces as the PE, but better grip on hardpack, crisper. Think they stopped making them for 09, plenty of 08's around. Second most forgiving. Lots cheap online because it's been the same ski for several seasons, get the 06-07 for a great deal.
#5 - Prophet 90. Nice all around, does everything well, nothing superlatively, probably best here for park and air. Also no change since 06-07.
#6 - Mantra. Not a true twin, just raised tail. Can go switch, but not for the park. Best of the bunch for crud and stability on edge, weirdly light for a ski this wide (1950 g), so often used for AT. Can be hooky in soft snow at speed. If you like to turn a lot in pow, crud and chop, want something beefy, this is your ski. Highest top end of the bunch, and one of the best on hardpack. Not terrifically forgiving compared to others on your list. Good float but too stiff to be great in pow. Also no change since 07, and the narrower (94 waist) from 06-07 cane still turn up new, a lot cheaper. Pretty much the same ski.

Unimpressed or uninformed about the rest. Just my .02...
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From the list I'd choose 177 (may be 184 if you are aggressive) Mantras or Prophet 100 (if ur priority is powder).
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Mantra for resale, Volkls hold their value well.
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awesome, thanks for the feedback

1 more thing,

Since i live in Texas Panhandle ski shops are limited.. Where is a good online shop that has good deals on skis/bindings?

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My favorites are -
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mantra is my favorite and best selling ski. If you havent found it p m me
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