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Help me reconcile my boot size

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Everything that I read about boot fitting seems to say that I should be buying a boot/shell size that is 1-2 sizes smaller than my shoe size. My street shoe size is a 8 1/2-9, which reads as a mondo-point 26.5 if I am reading the chart correctly. My foot is relatively low volume, with a normal arch, narrow heel, and "normal" forefoot width. I am a level 7+ skier, and I like a close fit with no movement of my feet within the shell. My feet tend to get cold due to an experience with frostbite in my 20's, and in each of my previous boots, I could leave my boots buckled all day and get the performance/comfort that I was looking for.

Two boots ago, I was fitted to a Lange X-zero-9 in a 26.5 -- I had to have the achilles area ground out and the toe area punched wider, and the boot fit perfectly and served me well for many years. My previous boot was a Head RS 100 in a 26.5 and also fit perfectly after adding a 2mm padding to the sides of the achilles area.

I decide to treat myself to new boots this year, and I was fitted to, you guessed it, a mondo 26.5 -- the boot that I ended up purchasing is the Dalbello Krypton Pro with the ID liner. The shell fit leaves about 1.5 cm behind my heel, and after molding the liner the boots feel snug all over with the buckles on the second "latch" (I am assuming that I will end up tightening more when I ski).

My question: does this make sense based on the conventional wisdom? I did not try on a smaller shell, and am now wondering if I should. I should mention that I have been dealing with the same boot fitter for about 6-7 years (the manager of a local shop) -- he has seen me ski, and has always treated me very well.

Thanks in advance for your opinion(s)
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I wouldn't worry about the shoe size, or the boot size, but about the fit. 1.5cm is about right and if your foot doesn't move around you should be fine.

I wonder about the 25 shell, can you try it on still?
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Was there a reason you switched from Lange? I always find it interesting when people change brands... often for no reason other than novelty (not saying that in your case ).

As you've found out, a "26.5" is not the same boot sole or internal length measurement in every brand. Obviously the last/volume and boot geometry is different too. So, IMO, you should consider more than simply length, which is why I asked about your decision to switch.
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As correctly pointed out, your shoe size is only distantly relevant to your boot size. It sounds as if the Lange was a great fit for you and the Head needed padding to make it work.

The X0-9 was a very low volume boot for a retail model. It also ran somewhat short inside compared to many of todays boots and yes, it had a narrow toe box particularly on the lateral side of the 5th. The Head RS is a higher volume boot in all respects. This explains why the padding was necessary.

Now you have a Krypton. The Krypton is lower volume than the Head, but higher than the old Langes. A 1.5 cm shell fit is in the ballpark on the roomy side but not horrible. The other foot shape factors come into play here as well. It sounds as if the liner has already been been cooked so........the chances are that you own 'em.

Not sure what the question here is. Did you do the right thing? You probably got a C+ to a B- fit. Could you have done better? Probably. Could you have done worse? definitely.

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Thanks for the quick replies. I guess that I am experiencing some buyer's remorse over the size and am looking for validation. It occurred to me this week that this is the first boot purchase that I have made since becoming active at Epic, and that I probably should have asked this question before making the buy.

jdistefa, when my Langes were worn out, I really wanted to stay with Lange. But for some reason, my heels were swimming in them, even when I went to a smaller size. The Heads fit me the best, and that is what I try to go with (if looks meant that much, I wouldn't have thought of buying the lime green Kryptons). The Heads were painfully tight initially, and I only added the padding in the achilles area after 7-8 days of skiing on them.

I compared the Kryptons to the equivalent (but I can't remember the exact) model of Technica (felt totally wrong) and Salomon (too "comfortable") -- my shop doen't carry Nordica and the thin liner of the Raptor scared my poor frostbitten toes, so I did not try it on.

Yes SJ, the liners are cooked, but I do enough business with this shop (and my daughter worked there, and I am the veterinarian to the manager's dog) that I am sure that they will work with me.

What I am hearing from you guys is that I am "OK", but I will probably feel better if I go back to the shop and try on a smaller size of the Krypton. We'll see where it goes from there.
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Well, here's the follow-up: I went back to the shop today and tried on the Krypton in a 25.5. Very snug but not quite painfully so. The shop swapped the boots and liners for me and I took home the smaller size. I've been wearing the 25.5's all evening with no hot spots or pressure, just some squishing at the toes (which was not painful and I assume should be no problem to fix). BTW, the 25.5 shell fit was about 1/2-3/4 cm.

I think that I will be happier in the smaller size, and I thank you guys for your input.
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