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Happy Birthday Tsavo!!

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Birthday Cheers to a great friend & instructor for so many..

Some views...

Showing Betsy how to measure snowfall:

The Tsavo fast line at A-Basin:

Sharing the Ocean blue with my girlfiend at the Beach:

Yup, boots on and ready to go:

Ready to lead Betsy and Alta6 into Zuma Bowl:

Showing Betsy and Bklyn how to pose on the snow:

Then showing them how to wait for the bus:

A pause for lunch at the Beav:

Leading your posse around Copper:

No matter where...always smiling Happy B-Day Katy.
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One of these days, I need to ski with this girl.
All hail the Colorado crew, and Happy birthday Katy.
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Happy Birthday Katy ! Wishing you a wonderful year - all year long ! Hope to ski with you again in the Spring.
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The Tsavo 'Boys' also extend their Birthday wish..


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Thanks Don, Betsy and others! Having a good time with my sister and her family in Michigan! The boys are here too hanging with their cousins Walter and Harley!
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Hey Katy,

Happy Birthday from sunny south Florida!!!

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Happy Birthday, Katy, Have a great day.

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Just a tad late Katy, but wishing you well and look forward to enjoying your great company again this season
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Belated but sincere... Happy Birthday, Tsavo!
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