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Toe Bang

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My daughter (18) has a problem with toe bang with her boots. I checked the shell fit and it looks good (~2cm). Last season she ended up losing the nail of her big toe on one foot & almost same on other foot.

Any suggestions on what to do? I've checked to make sure that she's buckled snuggly, thinking that maybe it was her foot sliding around. Maybe a punch is needed in the big toe area?
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This is a common problem with a couple possible causes.

1) the boot may be too high volume in the instep area and therefore is not holding the foot back in the heel pocket.
2) Her fore/aft alignment may be way off causing her to sit back which shoves the foot forward in the boot causing the aforementioned problem.
3) liner may be short lasted which means her toes may be hitting the end of the liner but not the end of the shell

first try to determine the cause(s)?

A tongue shim may help solve problem #1

Adjusting the ramp and delta may help solve #2

Stretch the liner #3

You have some great shops in Whistler that should be able to identify and solve the problem rather quickly and inexpensively!

good luck

PS: on the next boot purchase, make sure to look for a lower volume boot if she has a low volume foot. The closer the foot is to the shell the less the foot will migrate in the boot. Many beginner and sport level boots are very high volume to accommodate the fluffy, spongy liner which offers initial comfort but pose issues like your daughter's as they pack out.
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Can't really think of anything to add. Bud pretty well covered it.

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a more supportive footbed, and a thin sock are good ideas too
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Thanks everyone for the suggestions.... She does have a generic footbed & wears thin socks. will get her into see a boot fitter & get her fit/stance evaluated.
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