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Reading posts, dogs bugging me, I get up to put dogs outside, stand at door looking at white slushy substance on the lawn, live in Salt Lake Valley near the mouth of Parley's Canyon.

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what kind of dogs? How much snow?

snowed for about 3 seconds here in Nashua,NH yesterday..yearning to touch some.

had to scrape frost of my windows this am, though! :
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Where the heck is Nashua NH?
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southern part of NH, on the border of Massachusettes. anywhere from one to four hour drive from all the ski areas in NH, Maine, Massachusettes and Vermont. about an hour away from the ocean, and an hour away from the city life in boston. Rural farmland in surrounding towns.

very central...love it here, would like to move more north, though.
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Damn little snow, not even enough to completely cover the grass but it was snow.

The dogs are Aussies (Australian Shepards) the best breed in the world.

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Ydnar, Santi, 10 year old red merle aussie would agree. Bo, border collie/shelti blend begs to differ.

Oh yes Snow here in Colorado yesterday too.

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Here at the Top oF Parleys we had about 3 inches of snow and more is on the way [img]smile.gif[/img] It was nice to wake up this morning and see the tops of the Mountains covered in snow.By the way Park City is set to open Nov 10.
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Hey Ydnar,
How is it living in SLC? I'm thinking of moving there from San Francisco. I was there 2 weekends ago (but for only 1 day) and feel in love with the beauty of the place. Any feedback on living there? I know I'd love the winter because I'm, of course, a ski addict. How are the other seasons?

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