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Park City Night Session cost/worth?

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Still in the process of calculations for skiing Deer Valley during the day, and Park City in the evening, for 4-5 days straight. I haven't been there... and want to get the most amount of skiing time, since 9am till 4pm just doesn't cut it for me.

Couldn't find on the Park City ski site what is the exact cost for 1/2 day (4-7:30pm) night session: $49 or $59?

I want to try skiing one full day & evening session only Park City too.

Also, I'll try to get free first day of skiing, with boarding-pass proof too: That save a lot!

Any other suggestions?
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my suggestion is get to the mountain early and start skiing at 9am, take a 45 minute lunch and at the end of the day figure out which lifts are running last and then race it until you get the very last one possible. Then take boots off, take a shower, watch the news, have dinner, go to bed and repeat! That should do it.
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If the dorms have showers... then that would be great!
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I don't recall what level of skier you are, but the night trails are pretty limited. More or less just the lower mountain blues and greens.

One advantage (at least a few years ago when I was there) is you don't have to worry so much about winding up at the wrong spot at the end of the day. If I remember correctly, it was possible to get over to the town lift (where I was meeting my wife) on the trails open after 4 pm.

By the way, I love the town lift for no particulary rational reason. It just tickles my fancy to ski down into town and across that bridge.
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MDF is correct that the night rails are limited, basically blue runs and only a few open, at least a few years back when I was there at night. I don't get much skiing in during the season, so it was great for me to get some laps in. I would not pay $49 just for the night pass though. I would get there early and get a full day pass and ski at night until you're exhausted. If you're going to be there for 4-5 days, doing that a couple of days and the other few days somewhere else would get you yer fill, I'd think.
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I wish I were young enough to ski from 9 am - 9 pm. Alas, I'm usually pooped by 3:00. The best night skiing in Utah is at Brighton. They will sell you a Super Day pass. Despite the bias many on here have against Brighton, it's actually a very fun place. From Park City, you're looking at about a one hour drive assuming roads are clear.
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Last spring I did a one day airport stopover on a business trip. I came in on the red-eye, got breakfast and skis and got to Solitude about 10 am. Skied there till they closed at 4 pm, then moved over and skied Brighton for a few hours (they are both in BCC). Then down to the city, find the motel, and crash. Flew out the next morning. (I'm 51 years old, by the way.)

This is not going to be relevant for many months now, but the wonderful thing about night skiing in late spring is it is not really night! I was able to ski the trees till almost 8 pm. The patrol was cool too -- they didn't start keeping people on the official night trails till it actually started to get dark. (Still, you don't get the whole place -- most of the chairs don't run after 4.)

Night skiing in winter will unfortunately be restricted to the real lighted runs (unless its a full moon and you are a little crazy -- look for Bushwacker's TR from a couple years ago).

On balance, I'd say the "official" night skiing at Brighton is a little better than the night skiing at Park City, but not enough better to make a special trip for if you are somewhere else during the day.
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