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Please help me find a good bootfitter in Michigan

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After having purchased new boots 2 seasons ago and going through extensive boot-work, including boot sole grinding, I've just discovered that my boots no longer fit me very comfortably since my recent pregnancy. I have a very large bony growth (that grew a little more since my last boot-fitting) below my right inside ankle that on most boots is located exactly where the hinge of the boot is, making it very difficult to do much punching out there.

I'd really appreciate any recommendations for a good boot-fitter in lower Michigan.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

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I don't know of anyone in MI, but I am in south chicago burbs.
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I suspect the large bony growth may actually be your navicular protruding past your ankle bone (medial malleolus) due to excessive pronation. A competent fitter should be able to punch your shell in that area to get you room.

A supportive footbed may help as well.

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Hi Lou!

I had forgoten what they called it, but you are right on the money with your diagnosis -- Medial malleolus. And I do have severe pronation on that foot. I had major surgery in 2001 that worked a small miracle on my entire foot but I'm still quite pronated. I saw a highly recommended bootfitter up near Boyne Mt. the last time who did bootfitting as well as sole grinding for me that really helped me get on my outside edge which was impossible for me before the work, so I'm looking for somebody who can do that again. I do have custom footbeds already. My boot soles were ground 5 degrees out on the right boot, and 3 degrees in on the left, so my feet are quite unusual --- like having 2 different people's feet I've been told.

The boots that I'm currently in are Junior Technica Race Pro's with a 90 flex. I have a lack of dorsiflextion on the right foot as well, which is wny I went with the 90 flex, and I have a very small calf, which is why I'm in the Junior boot.

If you can recommend anybody that shares your expertise, I'd really appreciate it. Otherwise, maybe I'll take a trip to Calgery to see you -- I have lots of realatives in Canada that I could visit!
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Thanks for your reply JDoyal. I am hoping to find somebody who's closer to home, but I'll keep my options open!
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