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Vt Weather

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Right, nakona, but this IS Vermont, so we don't count our snow chickens before they hatch and sit there for awhile.
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Hey man...
don't rain on my parade, man...
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I believe I skied 3 of 5 years during school up there before Halloween. That half trail is usually WAY too crowded early season to have any fun though. Then they open up FIS and the fun begins. That's about the extent of skiing at Sugarbush for the rest of the season though.

Stowe has got the local UVM scene, better backcountry, and a few hikes resulting in spectacular views from the top of Mansfield.

Usually tried to hit the spring raggae-fest on the last day at the Bush. Keg in the parking lot...
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CP Are you seriously saying that FIS is the only decent run to ski at Sugarbush? Last I checked there were two mountains there and butt load of seriously great terrain! Don't get me wrong I'm not starting the ever present Stowe Vs Sugarbush debate, but next time your at Sugarbush open your eyes.
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No goose...I was referring to all the idiots that slide down this trail on their faces in the fall. I've only had one good day at the Bush, and it was in a foot and a half of powder on Castle Rock. I never skied Sugarbush much because nobody from school went there. The scene is at Stowe a few gully's to the left of Chin Clip.

No need to get touchy...sheesh.
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There is definetly truth to that. SO when did you graduate from groovy UV. Most of my friends when to stowe to when I went to UVM. However Sugarbush was paying me to ski and gave me a pass, so the decision was pretty easy where I was going. My personal favorite at Stowe when it is a great day is hike up off the gondola and over to the hour glass or what ever its called. That'll put a permasmile on ya. Late
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Ended up staying 5 years and graduating in 99. I actually grew up skiing at Stratton and still have a free season pass there(don't ask);^) I'm just waiting for the snow to fall up there at Sug. In going to Cold Fusion here in Baastan, I get a free midweek ticket good until mid December. So the roomie and I will be making a trip to the Bush in the near future. If you're still in Shoob-land let's try to meet up some day.
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Nice, I pryed myself away from UVM with an extra semester and graduated December 98'. Ended up not going far. Moved to Waitsfield and coached for the winter. I'm gonna hit la' Bush as soon as there is enough snow to spread some people around. I've done the first day disaster on "death spout" and it just ain't appealing anymore. I think there should be an arranged UVM Reunion ski day at both Stowe and Sugarbush. Pile a bunch of kegs and grills in the parking lot and live it up. Late
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