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A do-it-all fat ski for tahoe and rockies

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I'm having real trouble narrowing down a good ski to use as my one-ski quiver this year.

I'm 6'2" 190, with strong legs. I ski very hard and aggressively, without a ton of finesse -- my technique is not great, but it doesn't matter. I like to make big turns, straightline where I can, and take on the most challenging areas of resorts. I will ski mostly in Squaw this year, with some trips to montana (big sky, bridger) and utah (alta). I'm not an "expert" skier, but I try to ski like I am.

I need a ski that can do anything, but can stand up to my hard-charging style. It has to be burly enough to bust through all kinds of crappy sierra snow, but still be fine on rocky mountain powder. Obviously I'm not looking for something that can "float" on powder -- since a real powder ski would suck on hardpack and crud.

The last skis that I tried and loved were kneissl tankers, but they might be a little bit too race-like for every day. I mean, that ski is stiff as a board. I want something just a little more playful and forgiving, but definitely not a noodle.

Anyone got recommendations for me? So far, I'm looking at the Dyna LP, xxl, volkl mantra (probably too turny for my style), moment ruby 190 (which i hear is going to be stiffer than the ruby 180 and 188), movement goliath, and the pm gear stiff bro. All around 188-192 length. All around 100-110 underfoot.

Anyone got some advice?
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Sure...... pick one of those you listed where you like the looks of the topsheet or can get the best price and then buy it and then ski it...post pics

If you end up not liking it sell it repeat till you do.
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Is this your only ski? If yes, and assuming you're serious about emphasizing soft snow, and are hard-charging, probably the LP's would work the best, although not great on hardpack or in bumps (which Squaw has been known to have. And maybe even the Rockies).

I'd also think about either the Goliath Sluff, which is 99 mm, better on groomed or in tight places you find at Squaw than the original, still strong, or if you want more stability at serious speed, the Blizzard Argos, which reportedly rails groomed but bashes crud, floats, happy at any speed. Lot of people really like the Line Prophet 100 for its do-everything well quality, not clear it would like the speeds you want. And if you're flush, the Kastle MX98 has been getting stellar reviews as a do-everything superbly, but will ask for some skills. IMO much north of 100 mm, or more flexy, and you're limiting yourself too much for a one ski quiver.
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The Fischer is Watea 101 is a very good allround fatish ski, good float, fast, stable and fun on soft groomers. The only thing I have trouble with it is in bumps.
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Support you local Independent Ski Manufacturer

There are three Tahoe area Ski Manufacturers who all have a few ski's that are the top end of what you are looking for.

Look through thier offering, contact and talk with them.

WIN WIN for everyone.



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Beyond -- yeah, i'm looking for that one ski that will do it all for me. i don't think the line prophet 100 is burly enough for high speed, as you say. i'm going to check out the argos. and the kastle... far too expensive. maybe next year.

MTT -- thanks. the stiff bros, the moment rubies, and the moment m1 are all on my short list. i'll probably end up with one of those local tahoe companies, since those are the types of people who i love to support. the price on the moment skis is surprisingly low, too. just can't decide if the ruby 190s will be stiff enough -- they might be too powder-specific.
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dyna lp 186 (don't get this year's version... go with 08 or earlier... they ruined a cult ski by softening it into an everyman's ski) or lp xxl 194. the xxl is actually a little easier to handle, despite its extra width and length. i have skied both, and the sliiightly softened tip of the xxl makes this possible. both are charging skis that are still decently maneuverable (with the slight nod going to the xxl over the lp). pick one and call it a day. especially at your size and strength.
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