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Two belated birthdays

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To Lars and OldEasternSkier - Happy Birthday.

Somehow the birthday diligence disappeared this week and apologies to you both.

Lars you, as I've said before, are a beacon here on epic - your opinions and ideas are instrumental to this place being and continuing to be all that it is!

Martin - you are a good ski buddy and I look forward to skiing with you this year. After ESA you'll probably make huge strides and I'm excited to see them.

To you both - Many Happy Turns!
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I can't imagine how these momentous birthday's were missed, but its not too late to wish the best to both.

Happy Birthday to a couple of Icons of Epic.
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Best birthday wishes to you both, belatedly but bountifully.
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Belated wishes to two cool dues! We luv ya'!
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OES I know not yet hope he had a nice day of celebration

Lars I have shared words with and hoped to meet him last spring. Maybe this year ?. I wish you all the best and more. You have a big heart so take it easy on that part ok ?
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