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Volkl AC40 in 163cm or Head IM78 in 165cm

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I am new here and love all the great information that many of you share here. I would like to hear your opinions on which ski you think would be better for me.

The reason for these two skis is that I took a ski store owner on a fishing trip on my boat here in Hawaii, we got along great and he wants to return the favor. He's offering me a fantastic deal on these to unused skis from his 07-08 inventory that he was keeping for good friends or special customers.

I'm a 50 year old fairly athletic male that works out in a gym twice a week and runs 4 miles, 3 times a week. I'm 5' 6" and 148 lbs, and my ski buddy and former ski instructor calls me a level 7-8 (he recommends the AC40 for me as he says I can handle it, but he is not familiar with the Head IM78).

I ski 3 set times each year, 1 week each time. End of Dec, beginning of Feb, and end of March usually in Cal, Utah, Colorado or Whistler. So I'll need a fairly all around ski as I have to ski the conditions that are there. My current ski is an Atomic M10 in 157 which I've had for the last 4 seasons. I enjoy skiing trees, groomers, bumps, blacks & blues. No terrain park for me. I would like something that would give me a little more float in the soft snow but don't really want to give up too much onpiste performance, as some trips the whole week has to be spent on groomers due to snow conditions. I feel going a little longer in my skis will help with the softer snow and not going too wide would keep my skiing on the groomers fun. My M10's have been ok, but I find I overturn them sometimes in the softer snow and feel like I always have to be "on" to make them feel great. I guess there are times a smoother ski might suit me and maybe the fact that I have turned 50.

Your input would be greatly appreciated. Aloha!
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IMO you should take the Heads, I think at your size they'ed be good for what you are looking for. I would not get the AC 40 in a 163, I don't think you will get any of the benifits of that ski in that size.
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Both skis are fantastic. A bad decision cannot be made either way, it could come down to either graphics or price.
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I have skied them both. I ski Rossi's but if I were choosing between the two I would take the im78's. Damp, quiet, smooth and fast. They can do it all. Great ski for your age and the terrain you prefer.
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Than you, I really appreciate your input. My first instinct was to go with the Heads, so I feel I'm going that route. My next question, Railflex or flat mounted? I think I'd prefer Railflex but I'd like to hear any pros and cons.

I know that I should demo, but this will most likely not be a possibility, as demo skis in these models, year and sizes will most likely not be available. And I think Philpug is right, I can't go wrong with either. I believe, they will both be a step up from what I have.

Please Let me have you input on bindings. Mahalo & Aloha!
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Good choice on the Heads, and definitely get RailFlex. Will give you a bit more leverage on the hardpack, and IMO the extra flex helps everywhere at lower speeds. Plus you can play around with the location if you get into powder.
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