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WV MTB rides

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Here are a few pics I've taken during some recent rides.

I believe this trail is called 'Son of Plantation' it is often part of the Revenge of the Rattlesnake course.

A shot of Plantation. The Rhododendron had recently been trimmed back. It was tempting to ride down the edges of the trail and avoid some of the really rough sections. However, it was full of what I affectionately call "cannibal forks." Cannibal forks are the sharp ends of the pruned branches.

Sorry for the blur. Former GF Mid-atlantic rider, Miami John.

Jake and Matt.

A rather famished looking Black Snake.

Stay away from these guys!

A nice sized trout.

Some rusted treads, near the Canaan Conference Resort.

Dolly Sodsesque bog area.

A moderate climb ahead.

The "I think I need a new seat shot."

Sign at Seneca Rocks.

The top of Seneca Rocks. I got tired of waiting for this guy to move.

The view of Seneca Rocks from below.

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Very nice. Plantation Trail is one of my favorites. Looks really dry, for CV stands.
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really cool pictures.

still need to get down then but I just dont think its happening this fall.
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