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FS: New 06/07 Dynastar Speed Course 67 (178cm)  

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new, never skied. i mounted the pre-drilled plates with bindings (so basically... these are 99% brand new), but never seen snow. the dynastar race line-up is confusing, so to clarify, these are the speed course 67's. they are not the speed course pro (dynastar's actual gs race ski for the general masses... as in, FIS legal but NOT "race stock") or the speed course pro team (the JUNIORS gs race ski) or the speed course comps (predacesor to the pro's). once again, these are the SPEED COURSE 67's. the dims are 112-67-98 with a R17 in 178cm. they have the SAME costruction as the speed course pro's (remember, the gs race ski for the masses?), but with a smaller, more all-mountain radius. the plate comes predrilled for rossignol/look bindings. from what i can tell, they will fit the older p/axial bindings, as well as the newer px/axial2 and px-race bindings.

i set them up with my sweet custom tune (got the bases course structured, skyved the sidewalls, 1* base bevel, 3* side bevel, and waxed the bases in 5 times with racewax.com hydrocarbon wax). i also mounted them up with rossi axial2 scratch 140 ti bindings already, but the plate is pre-drilled, so that was just a matter of adding something water proof to the screw threads and then screwing them in. i set them up for my 317mm bsl, so if you are anywhere in that neighborhood, you wouldn't even have to remount. if you do, just unscrew and follow the mounting procedures i outlined above (the correct holes for your boot sole length are indicated on the plate), and then adjust the forward pressure (i can tell you how if you don't know). the bindings have around 5 days on them. the plate only accepts rossi/look bindings WITHOUT risers, so that's why i put the scratch model bindings on there. if you have any more questions about the skis or bindings, let me know.

SKIS ONLY: $250+shipping (local pickup in socal)
SKIS+BINDINGS: $325+shipping (local pickup in socal)

i am a trusted seller over on tgr, and i will gladly refer you to people who can vouch for me if you pm me. let me know if you have any more questions. there is a pic and a review here:


EDIT: i closed my old sale thread to remove the confusion of offering these skis for sale, taking them down, and then offering them back up again
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so i was able to borrow a camera to get some pics up. note that the white on the bases is just storage wax. after you scrape and brush them, i DARE you to try to find anything besides smooth, shiny, well-structured, unscathed base underneath. also note that the skis have all of their original camber (even with the brakes somewhat holding the skis together... there is even a bit MORE than what you can see in the pictures). finally, note that the bindings are in primo condition. if they fail to pass a release test, i will buy them back. thanks for looking!

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common, guys! don't make me take these to ebay!
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i posted these skis on ebay (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=230301893845), but i would still much rather arrange a sale through gearswap. so if you want the skis, let me know and i will gladly cancel the auction.

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Nice skis! Ideal for fast New England skiing.
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