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Best way to avoid weekend crowds in Tahoe??

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Ok, I've been to Tahoe a few times before, but never over a holiday weekend. We're coming out over Pres Weekend (2/12-2/16) and was wanting to get opinions on which aras to hit to get the most time on the snow and not waiting in lines. Plan was to stay in Incline Village to be a short drive from various areas. Any opinions? Thanks
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Your doomed. Pres. weekend on the North Shore is ALWAYS a mess. There are a few things you can do however, to ease the pain:

- Avoid the traffic in/around Tahoe City. Take the road up over to Northstar and into Truckee instead.

- Ski some of the lesser known areas: Homewood, Sugar Bowl, Mt Rose.

- Avoid rush hour activities: Don't go to Tahoe City at 6:00PM in the evenings, Don't get started to the Resorts at 8:30 AM. Don't leave the resorts at 3:30 PM.

- Drive to Utah and ski Sundance, Solitude, Powder Mt. & Snowbasin instead

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Traffic: Staying at Incline? Just requires some planning.

First, if you want to ski Alpine (a great deal at $39) or Squaw, I suggest you leave by, or before, 7:30. If you do that, you'll have little traffic through Tahoe City. Otherwise, traffic is not really an issue if you're going to Northstar, Sugar Bowl, Mt. Rose, Diamond Peak, Homewood, etc.

Second, bring a change of clothes & party your way back to Incline. Plan to have a few at the bars at Squaw (Balboa Cafe, Plaza Bar, Red Dog, etc.) or at River Ranch (Hwy. 89/Alpine Meadows Road) until traffic clears. Grab a bite in Tahoe City and/or drinks at the Bridgetender or Naughty Dawg.
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During Presidents Week - you definitely must avoid Northstar.

Try Alpine or Sugarbowl. get there early.

Use the Single's Line.

Last year I skied Heavenly during President's weekend. It wasn't bad. Turns out they sold a whole bunch of Season passes last year. And their passes were blacked out for the President's weekend.

SO, if you can find out which resorts season passes have President's weekend Blacked out - that's the place to be.

lastly - relax. Its tahoe. It will be crowded. Get used to it.
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Ski diamond peak. or take shuttles to avoid traffic.

If you plan to go to Sugarbowl, stop at a Safeway and purchase your ticket/voucher there. $39.00 NO black out days.

Also starting January 4th, Kids 12 and under ski free with a paying adult from the immediate family. Just bring a receipt from McDonalds.

info here.
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we will becoming to Tahoe later in the season. If you were staying in Incline Village and wanted to get a Sugar Bowl ticket at Safeways, where is the best place to do that. Is there one in Incline?
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go here Safeway locator and put the zip code of 89451 (Incline village)

This will give you the closest locations to Incline. Truckee, Kings Beach and Tahoe city are probably your best bets..

Other locations might be Reno if you are flying into Reno.

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When you leave Incline to get to Sugarbowl you come around the lake and pass Kings Beach Safeway. You actually make a right turn about 100 yards before the Safeway in Kings Beach. So that's probably your best bet.


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DC - how is the ski school for 4-y.o.'s at Sugarbowl? Where do they take the kids? How big are the groups? Would you recommend school or a private lesson for a 4-y.o. girl who started to ski last year (had a total of 3 days; can ski down and make turns on easy greens; keeps her skis parallel; got scared on Judah lift at Sugar Bowl) ?

We are heading up to Tahoe on Dec 21st for a week.
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Why stay at Incline? that means you pretty much have to brave Tahoe City congestion to get anywhere and back.

Try staying in Truckee...easy access to the Bowl, Squaw, Flatstar (not recommended on a three day weekend) and Alpine. Also easy access to BC and nordic at Royal Gorge.

The only thing you dont have is gambling, but its close by.

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I wouldn't go then. Last year we took a trip up there the weekend before and there were way less crowds. that's what I'd do.
If you gotta go for prez day, i would go to squaw and alpine as they have the lift capacity for bigger crowds.
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You can still ski some the big resorts as Squaw, Northstar, Kirkwood, and Heavenly. Just may not be able to ski any lifts you'd like to without being stuck in lines. The advantage of those and a few others with remote lifts is it takes a bit of time for people to get up to the top of those mountains since lifts from the bases only go up part way. Thus get up early, then get to the resort of choice at least an hour before opening. Eat breakfast there. If one gets on the first lifts, continues up to the remote lifts, there will be an hour or two bottleneck at the bottom for the huge crowds arriving. Thus one can ski together with friends a bit. Later when the lines arrive, head to the triples and express lifts with singles lines and meet your neighbors. After a few runs it'll be 11am. Go in for an early lunch and avoid those crowds. Then at noon when others are coming in for lunch, head up to the remote parts of the hill again. -dave

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Best advice possible and works every time...

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