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Iron Mountain lift at The Canyons

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I see on The Canyons new trail map that they will be opening a new lift (next year?) called Iron Mountain Lift. Anyone know anything about area or when it will actually be built?
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At first I thought it was part of the ongoing conversion of the Canyons to a real-estate development/shopping mall but topo map looks intriguing - not very steep and top is less than 9K but north facing and big. If they glade it nicely (unlike the hack job on Dreamcatcher) could be like the Pines which holds stashes well and is one of my favorite places to ski at Canyons.

Looks like a multi-step process tho: "A new fixed grip quad chair will run from the Tombstone base to a location approximately one-half mile below the DreamCatcher lift base. The lift is the first step in the Iron Mountain expansion plans, and will initially be used to access the Tombstone lift at the end of the day." That is, get directly from Dreamcatcher base to Tombstone.
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I'm not sure I like this. The northern view of Iron Mountain, heading south on 224, is amazing and I don't want them to cut it up. From what I have heard though the runs will be directly west facing. The downside is it has low elevation and is fairly removed from the ridge line that backs up to Mill Creek Canyon and Little Cottonwood. So it is pretty removed from the big dumps that 9990 and the back bowls get. It is lower elevation and less snow.

It doesn't seem like the best expansion, from what I hear it is primarily for real estate. The other downside is the Mid-Mountain Trail goes through this area and it is still pretty wild, lush, and spectacular, this development will change the feel of that trail.

But what do I know.
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Er, that was supposed to say "backs up to Mill Creek Canyon and Big Cottonwood" not little cottonwood.

Sorry about that.
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Once again, another monumental Canyons screw up. Just goes to show you that bad decisions can be made across all the owners of that place.

If they had spent just a wee bit of time doing just some basic snow science, they would find out that Iron Mountain does not attract and hold a lot of snow. It is too far away form the Wasatch Crest, and too low in elevation.

Why is it that The Canyons continues to just royally screw up Western Monitor, White Pine, Red Pine and the rest of that area? It's not that hard. The terrain is great, the snow is deep (when you know where to look). It's just not that hard. But yet I just get so disappointed and disheartened every time I ski there.

Oh Well, at least they don't have development rights to Mill Creek...

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