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WRODs other than Colorado (and the East)

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The press seems to wet themselves every year when Loveland or A-Basin opens the WROD. People flock to ski snow that they wouldn't give a second glance if the tics were free in February. Is this common in the west? For example, are there WRODs in Utah, California, Montana...? Or does the rest of the west depend on mother nature to do the rest?
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In some places the WRODs just stay open. Like Timberline.
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Here in the far west we do have the A-basin equivelants: Borreal at Tahoe, Mammoth has its WROD, and Mountain High in southern California always has an early season strip of white bordered on both sides with dirt. Timberline is open nearly year-round in Oregon. Here in Washington, nearly all the resorts depend on natural snow. Mount Baker almost always opens first due to the northern Frazier River interior BC weather influence.

As for media hype on WROD openings out here, it typically is just a short story in the TV and print media that appears in early fall. The competition between the resorts to open first doesn't seem to be there in the Pacific NW. It was apparent at Tahoe between Squaw and Alpine Meadows, and Mammoth against the Tahoe resorts.
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Sun Valley is usually that way when it first opens, especially Thanksgiving weekend. Typically open top to bottom of main mountain, but only Upper College up top, then splitting into Flying Squirrel and Mid River Run to the
Warm Springs and River Run sides respectively.
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I'll chime in for UT. Usually Brighton is 1st to open with high elevation & good snowmaking. Solitude is usually not far behind. Park City usually has a WROD pretty early if nature isn't cooperating, same with The Canyons. It seems like Alta/Bird rely more on mother nature to cover their rocky terrain, but she usually cooperates. Deer Valley doesn't bother opening till the 2nd week of December whether there is snow or not. Snowbasin usually has the longest WROD by Thanksgiving, with 2300' vert. Powder Mountain has virtually no snowmaking, but a lot of the runs are well summer groomed.

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Can you please tell me what WROD for? I'm guessing OD is for opening day? But what about the WR?
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White Ribbon Of Death

I actually never knew there was a term for it 'cause I grew up skiing in PA. There, it's *all* WROD, so it's just called skiing.
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Definitely WROD action here, excluding the resorts that have glacier access. In Italy, it's a must to be open for St Ambrogio, which is generally the first weekend in November. If there's no natural cover, the ribbons start forming then.
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