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News about Herminator!

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What a King.
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News about Herminator!

Probably we can't see again Hermann Maier compite this winter, but he won't retire from the competitions. He has spoken in an interview for the German magazine Kicker. "The retiring is not in my plain now- said Hermann - even if it will be difficult that I re-enter in this season". "I haven't never spoken and think about a retiring"
In this periond Maier trains 3 or 4 hours for days by bike, then he spends the rest of the time at home" Herminator says that he doesn't think to the World Championship program in February in St. Moritz: "I don't know the exatly dates". "the riabilitation is the objective more important for me. And if one day I can return to compite to obtain a 15° place he would be a incredible success for me".


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