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Originally Posted by whybother View Post


how do i know if i want adult bindings?


On the bottom of the boots you get, there will be a "C" and a | or an "A" and a |.  C is for Children and A is for Adult.  The difference is the dimensions of the toe and heel piece that interface with the bindings.  Adult bindings work correctly with adult boots and Children (or Junior), bindings work with junior boots.



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I've been looking for this boot in this size. Are you still interested in selling? I'll need it

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right away...I'm skiing friday.  


Please contact me.  




Thank you,


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Indeed watching out for BSL and binding compatibility is notable. I finally got in boots that are truly small enough for me, 266 BSL in an adult boot. When I was at a demo day 2 weeks ago I took out a pair of Volkl Auroras and the rep had to push the binding as small as it would go. Any shorter of a BSL and I would have been out of luck!


BTW for reference in street shoes I generally wear a size 7. Which I never thought was that tiny... but in ski boots it is apparently!

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Just wanted to add - I have the Rossi JR Pro 70s.  It's a junior race boot (and I believe pretty much the same as the Lange WC junior race boots) but with a 266 BSL.  I've fit into all adult bindings on the skis I demoed this season (around 7-8) except one ski (and that was a weird exception).  

My bootfitter was trying to find me boots that would fit both my feet and adult bindings (I usually wear a 5 in street shoes but for pumps I wear a 3!) - couldn't find the Technicas or the Langes, but did find the Rossis.  They were still a bit too big but with weeks of work and a custom footbed, and softening up the flex a bit (I'm 5'1", 97 lbs.) I think they're just about perfect now. 

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I know this is an old thread, but I've been following it for several years and now need advice. My skiing is getting to a pretty high level now and I'm having boot problems.


I have the Tecnica boots with BSL 260 and a custom liner, and 2 pairs of skis with bindings that fit. The problem is that the shell is just a bit too long for my feet. There is just a little bit too much movement, and to compensate I'm having to crank up the clips too tight, causing problems with numbness etc.


I also have an old pair of custom fit Strolz boots which are like slippers in terms of comfort and fit, but they are beginner boots, and way too soft for performance skiing. Strolz don't do a stiffer shell in that size.


Would anyone have any suggestions?

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Have you contacted Daleboot?
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Thanks. I hadn't, but I've just sent them an email. The website doesn't state what size the boots start at though, but fingers crossed they will be able to help.

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Lange does make junior race boots in 21.5, don't know what the BSL is though.  Flex is 70, 80, 110 or 120 and they all come with a short cuff.

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An update: this year we got her a pair of Dalbello Kryzma boots in 21. They are stiff enough for an expert (come with two tongues of different stiffness, and came with Intuition liner which she loves so far.
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Oh WOW! That boot looks very interesting.


Do you know what the BSL is? My skis are set for my current boots which are 260mm, and if they would fit my feet AND my skis I would be so happy!

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Don't worry about fitting the skis, if your current boot is the right size, the new one will fit the skis with minimal adjustment. I can look up the BSL next weekend if you are interested.
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Yes please :-)

Both of my current boots are 260 and fit both pairs of skis. One pair of skis can be adjusted fairly easily I think, but not the other pair.

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Happy feet :-) I found an expert bootfitter in Chamonix who ordered in a pair of Dalbello Chakras, foamed new Conformable liners and they are PERFECT! So Delighted :-)

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I have the same problem as Pending; in a Tecnica Jr. race (90) boot; size 260; conformable liners.  Either the liner was not done properly or is still too big...


I wear size 5 street shoes (women's); 100 #; 5'; advanced skier.


I suspect the liner because it was new last year; I'd had a conformable for 15 years that fit well and were in the Tecnica Diablo shell.  With the newest shell and new liners nothing has been right.  


Yes, I've been back to the shop four times.

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