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Junior ski question

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I do have a question for the those in the know. I have an eight yr old son that is pretty good on skis. He tackles BD w/out much hesitation. He's ~4'3", ~73 lbs. He's skied 100cm Atomic Race-5 for the past three years but has outgrown them. He wants to be able to tackle more of the mountain (trees, park and powder); thus, the desire on his part for TTs. Local shop has some K2 Juvys at 119cm (and at a good price) that seem like a good fit now. My thinking is that they may be too short for the long term. What might be the best approach?
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yeti -

I am not too familiar with the K2 Juvy, but feel the 119's may be a bit short for him now (and more-so as he grows). However, since he is coming from a 100 cm ski, the 119's may just work.

To give some perspective, my son is about the same weight (72 lbs) a little taller (4'5") and free-skis on the Mantra Jr @ 138. He races, so he also has SL and GS skis, but he loves his T-Tips for anytime he is not racing.

Keep in mind that TT's normally ski a bit shorter for the adult skis, but I'm not how much that will apply to a jr ski.
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Go longer than 119 for twin tips for him....nothing less than the 130 range...he's already a good skier so give him something he can grow into a bit and he'll take to them like a fish to water. My son is 9, 4'4" 85 lbs and went from 100's to 139's with no issue. He'll be on the K2 Bad Seed's which are TT's. More ski than the Juvy, more money too but you might want to look into them.
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Being 4'3" he is 130cm tall, which makes minimum lenght for him now (without marging for growing) to be 125cm.

My 8 yesr old daughter 4" 60# races on 130cm Elans RCX and her free ride skis are K2 Missy's 139cm.


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Thanks for the input. Can never get too much.
I think I've got it narrrowed down to a pair of '07/'08 Juvys (129) and same year Line (which are made by K2). The mounting on the Line skiis are a bit more centered compared to the Juvys but also are a bit wider for the pdr which is his main concern. I figure there is a small fudge factor with regard to mounting the bindings a couple cms further back. Knowing my boy he'll probably shy away from the Line pair due to the hot pink base. Unless he's got a garage sale halfway down the slope, he'll never see the bottoms. Of course that's in one ear and out the other.
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My eight year old son would regularly ski on a pair of demo skis from the shop- usually 140 scratch BC (140 & 90 mm underfoot) .

Stronger kids can easily ski on shorter length women's skis. Salomon Mynx is a popular one here for younger rippers in the park.
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My ten year old daughter, 4'3" 65lbs (now) used K2 Juvys 129cm last year and will again this year. She had no problem with the length and was probably an inch shorter and a couple pounds lighter last year. She regularly did blacks and some double blacks. I think the way K2 measures these is tip to tip so a 119 probably only has 110(ish) on the surface.
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I have a 9-yo who is tiny and now measures to 49inches (~124cm) and 60 lbs. She raced J5 and skis PSIA Level 8/9 in any terrain and condition with ease last season. She raced on 118cm Fischer Competition (a dual event) and she free skied on 120cm Bandit Junior. Both of these skis measured roughly to her height. For the most part, she was very comfortable with both setups. However, at times when she was hesitant (particularly racing over steep headwalls), she tends to get in her back seat a bit. That tells be that I have max'ed out on the ski lengths for her.

W.r.t. the skis that you're considering, just bear in mind that the Juvy Jr. are somewhat of a different ski than the race 5 (basically an entry level learning ski). So, when they are compared, they are not necessarily length for length. Even though a child goes on black without hesitation, it doesn't necessary mean that the skill level is there. In your son's case, you would know more than any of us on the skill scale. Going too long before he's ready can hinder his learning in a long run. Just my 2 cents.
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Check with your local ski shops. We have a few in the metro Detroit area that you can buy into a program that will alow you to turn in the equipment for larger/longer boots and skis for a small charge each year. I think it's like $30 to upgrade each year.

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As orion pointed out, you can rent juvie gear and some good shops (you have to hunt a bit), can put your kid in upper end gear for just a few bucks more than the regular seasonal rental deal.

The shop I was dealing with even made free adjustments for growth during the season ... and this was on upper line race stuff.

I wish .... wish ... I had found this out because I blew thousands on his stuff and only got back nothing for all of the money spent. It saves on the closets filling up .. most I ended up donating, ski patrol fund raisers, or pay-back favors to other racer parents.

I just went out and looked at an antique Triumph motorcycle .... I could have it in the garage now with all of the money saved if I rented!
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