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One more vote for silk + merino as the torso "base" layer. What I wear on top of that depends on the weather.

I have wool tops from Smartwool, Icebreaker and Ibex. I like Ibex the best because I think it is the most durable/longest lasting of the three (no pilling after 1.5 seasons--I have the "ribbies," which Ibex doesn't appear to be making this season). Ibex is itchier than Smartwool or Icebreaker, but I would wear a silk underlayer with any/all of the three so the itch factor does not matter.

Also, I think the Nikwax wool wash does a good job putting some oil/moisture into the wool to keep it from pilling.

My legs don't feel cold very often (sometimes on the lift). Most of the time I wear duofold variatherm (a gold colored version they sold a couple of years ago then stopped making). If it's really cold, I wear Polartec Powerstretch.
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Did I scan this too fast or has no one mentioned Helly Hanson products yet....especially the Warm baselayer.

I prefer it to my Icebreaker bases.
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Any Skins wearers leave them home on the uber cold days? If not, do you wear a layer of merino or capilene over your skins?
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Originally Posted by Strato View Post
Fun Fashion Tip:

When using merino wool as the base layer (no silk), turn the top inside-out.

If you have sensitivity to wool (even fine-spun merino wool), reversing the garment places the seams on the outside, reducing friction points.

Among Smartwool, Icebreaker and Ibex, I've found Ibex to have the finest surface - it feels almost like silk.

Icebreaker is spun in a stretch weave, which is more form-fitting, but less fine.

In cold, dry climates, silk under merino eliminates "itch" concerns. On ultra-cold days, try cashmere over silk.

Does silk breathe? Im a newbie here but i always thought that silk was a no no like cotton b/c it would retain moisture But if im wrong, ill give it a shot underneath my ibex
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Originally Posted by kbuzz View Post
Does silk breathe? ...i always thought that silk was a no no like cotton b/c it would retain moisture
Silk breathes. And unlike cotton, it holds heat when wet.

Definitely not a no-no like cotton, but it's not for everyone - some folks like silk, some don't. It's a personal preference thing.
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