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CantDog's Survey...

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This is what he wanted, and I'm bored in work.
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OK, it's 4 AM and I can't sleep, so I'll play with the troll.
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I'm sure most of you know this "technique" already. To remove snow from my boots when entering my bindings I slide my boot back and forth over the binding. This generally works.
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forgot about that one!
(and it's what I normally do)

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I am convinced the real solution is to ski as high as possible at interior B.C. and Alberta resorts, during that period when the snow doesn't stick to anything!!

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Thanks guys(especially fox for turning this into a survey), I make a trip over to Technica/Nordica/Marker this afternoon to talk with engineers to see how they address this problem(if at all) and also to the Cold Research Lab to get some more background. On how materials shed snow. We've already started workign on protypes, from a mechanical scraper to an integrated heater to a device that vibrates the sole of the boot.
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For me snow build up is never a problem when or from walking. It is always a problem when my boots, as well as the rest of my body is covered in wet snow due to wipe out. It seems the amount of snow on bottom of my boot is directly proportional to the steepness of the slope and my inability to stand, much less stand in figure 4 banging on one boot with ski pole.
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