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Durable Gear Bags

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I had a Dakine Wet-Dry Duffle that broke down after a week of use. One of the D-Rings snapped in half, the tarp liner sagged and tore, and one of the plastic ventilation caps fell out... nearly all at the same time a few days ago. There were no more than 25 lbs worth of gears carried around.

I'm travelling this December, and looking for a durable gear bag with 75+ L capacity that can handle 40lbs without getting tore up in less than a week . Any recommendation?

PS: Despite that unfortunate Wet-Dry Duffle, I still am a fan of Dakine for their durable Heli Pro backpacks. I have an '06 Heli Pro that I still use to this day, hasn't failed on me yet.
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Swix makes a nice set up. I have the complete set of luggage, which I won in a silent auction for the women's resource center.
Very nice features and very durable.
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Mountain Hardware Expedition Duffel

Comes in three different sizes: 3000, 5500, and 8000.
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Tramdock has a nice rolling Swix gear bag on right now.
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I also have the expedition duffel in 8000, very good and reliable.. Took to Alaska last year and it got thrown around quit alot and came out fine, while my Volkl double ski bag that was suppose to one of the best had at least 15 holes or rips in it and it was literally almost brand new.. Bought from AL'S and it was a piece of s--t...

You can also look at High Sierra.. Some of their high end bags are quite nice...
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