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Snowmobile hits SUV

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Here's one fer the books. A couple of days ago a Sledhead launched off a 10 foot snowbank and collided in mid air with a passing SUV on the highway. Reports say the snowmobiler was lacking good visability. Ahh, make that sense. He is now recovering in the hospital. Image the suprise of that SUV driver.
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a friend of mine was driving down the road when a snowmobiler smashed into the side of her car...broke his (the snowmobilers) legs and a few ribs. another friend of mine's father aced himself on a piling many years ago. living in a very popular destination for snowmobilers....ohh...the stories i could tell......... alcohol/stupidity + high speed machines don't mix.
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I bet where you live Snowmobiling in probably the #1 sport during the winter. Next to ice fishing.
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My girlfriend hit my truck with my snowmobile a couple weeks ago. She did it in the driveway!
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You should come to Mount Snow. Recreational snowmobiling on the ski slopes! :
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Lisamarie:
You should come to Mount Snow. Recreational snowmobiling on the ski slopes! :<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Are there traffic lights too. :
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It happens the other way round, too

(from London Evening Standard 24 Jan)
Briton dies in snowbike accident

A British tourist was dragged 100 metres and killed when her snowmobile was run over by a logging truck.

Carol Anne Ferguson, 56, from Suffolk, died while on a trip with a group of British and French tourists to the town of Chicoutimi near Quebec.

A police spokeswoman said: "They were crossing a road and one of the guides was signalling to each snowmobile when to cross safely. For some reason this lady confused the stop and go signals and she drove across the road into the path of the truck."

Police said the truck driver had no time to react.

© Associated Newspapers Ltd., 24 January 2002
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I use to drive logging trucks till they quit cutting down trees(good idea). It never fails to meet a U.S. forest service truck on a corner. Guess who ends up in the ditch. Then they call in saying you run them off the road. They forgot to mention they did not take heed to the sign at the bottom of the haul road that said Log Trucks on channel 12 CB. We would stop all logging during hunting season. That poor women never had a prayer.
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