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Snow Kayaking.. What the.....??????

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I was just watching the Warren Miller film Freeriders, and he had scene featuring people snow kayaking. My first reaction was "Wow, now that would develop core stability". Then I realized that you better have some good stability before trying that.

And speaking of stability, how about the skiing nuns going down the slopes in their habits? "Dominique, a nique,a nique"..OOPS! Showing my age!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Yeah, Klaus Obermeyer is in kick ass shape for his age.
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Truly Inspiring!
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Lisa, I skied with the nuns at Schweitzer Mtn, about 5 yrs ago. I had my picture taken with them, after asking permission and almost put my hand around the one next to me, until I thought otherwise. Just a great bunch of ladies--there were three of them.
I suspect that they were the same that you saw in the Miller Movie. A friend of the School gave them the Condo for a week and the Area gave them skis and lifts. really had a good time at Schweitzer. Very close to Heli Skiing. Lots of great terrain mucho snow--no people. lots of back country and steep , deep glade skiing. <FONT size="1">

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Wow, that is SO COOL! I have to tell you, watching them descend en masse, with the robes moving in the wind gives a whole new meaning to the idea of the "Flying Nun". I love people who break the stereotype of what they're supposed to be about.
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Ok,Ok everyone hung up on the "skiing nuns."

You also can't forget his holiness, Pope John Paul, who was quite the skier before becoming the "Bishop of Rome."

If memeory seves me right, during his first few years as 'Pontiff' didn't he also make a few runs ? We all know and see that his health has been failing in recent years, and thus his skiing days have been over for quite some time.

I have wondered if his religious experiences were at all enhanced by his skiing experiences ?

Where else, but here, is it appropriate to pay tribute, from a position of respect of course, to acknowledge his athletic abilites and reaffirm that Pope John Paul was truly the first "Skiing Pope!"
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A very dear friend of mine, Stan Puczinsky, who I worked with until his death at 78, skied with JP. Stan had to wait after fighting the Nazis to get certified in Poland (1948) then fought the communists in Poland until he immigrated.
He knew JP as a young man, and skied with him during his papcy, I believe. Said he was a decent skier, athlete and soccer player...and that it always seemed to dump when they skied together!
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Pontiff Powder.

think he would forgive me for cuttting class @ Catholic School on really deep days?
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