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New skis$

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Anybody craving a new pair of skis for the upcoming season? If so, what kind do you want to buy?

Me? I'm thinking about replacing my shorty slaloms with something absurdly quick, and i'm open for suggestions.
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General upgrade on "the fleet" .....

New Stockli SL's 156 ish ..... & SC's .... maybee a mid-fat if I can get a deal on some used Stormriders.


I'm in my mid 50's ...... I have "done without" or put up with used and demo most of my days. I have perhaps five "good" years left and it's gonna be on good stuff. Screw the kids, if they have to take out a loan to go to school ...... so be it! It's this twinge of guilt thing that I have to work through.
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Already got my 9X Oversize.
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My fleet probly wont get an upgrade this year unless they are free (i need a new car), but if youre looking into the absurdly quick category i would say go for the Elan SLX T. If you dont like Elan then go with Fischer WCSC's (stock board), and if the WC SC isnt enough try the offerings from stockli as was mentioned above. I believe that those 3 are the best performing Slalom skis on the market right now. I have 3 pairs of SLX's and wouldnt trade them for anything really. If anyone follows this up and says to go with Volkl - make sure you get the stock boards or you may be disappointed. The regular skis are quick but lack the energy of the ones mentioned above. Rossis will bore you to death probably... not a fun ski really. Supposedly there will be new offerings from Salomon in the Sl race ski department but that is still to be seen. They are totally rebuilding their SL stock ski for next year in order to become more competative in technical events, so i would expect to see a very good race stock board from Salomon this year. Last season they realized that they were behind times in performance and shape (106-64-94: retail 110-64-94:stock) and decided to rebuild the ski totally. A race rep told me to expect a huge change in their SL skis for this season, so we'll see.
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I will be picking up some new Volants (go figure), not sure which ones though.

I might play with the new Goode though.. its the same rep carrying both lines.
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Right now, I'm thinking I will get 180 V-Pros and 165 P60 SCs, maybe Gotamas too. Or maybe a pair of Pocket Rockets.
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Definatly getting new skis, just deciding between 7.24 pro and v-pro :
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