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Pain at the Peak

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Just thought I'd post this little video of a recent CX race in Portland run by my dad's team. He's featured in the Portland Velo jersey at minutes 5:28 and 8:11. I only hope I got half of his genes.
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Nice vid! Looks like it was a great event.
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Very well done video. Like wow that was great footage.

I have a practice and 2 of these so far and must say they are a blast. Its nice to see more non UCI event popping up all over the country as well. The UCI rules(no disc brakes, limited tire width, handlebars width) are retarded. I say let what ever is fastest win, not make rule like that.

bunch of fun though I would recommend cyclocross racing to any cyclist looking for a great time.
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I thought y'all would like the footage, the fact my dad is in was just a bonus. It does look like a blast and may be added to my schedule in a few years. Too many goals with expensive toys in line before that.
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