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New pair of skis

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I'm looking to buy a new pair of skis and i'm trying to decide which ones to get. I live in New York and this year I'm going to be a ski instructor at West Point, so I will be doing the majority of my skiing there, but I plan to take a trip to Tremblant and also head out west, so I want something that performs well in the powder as well as on packed trails. My favorite kinds of skiing are moguls and glades and I also love riding switch so I want a pair of twin tips. Some of the skis I'm considering are the Volkl Bridge and the Scott Punosher (top of my list) and also the Salomon Lord and 4FRNT MSP, but I am open to any suggestions. Would these skis be wide enough to handle powder out west? Also, what length should I look at getting? I'm about 5'9" and 165 lbs. This is my first time buying skis so any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
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I have not been on the Bridge or the Punisher, but with some skill, you can definitely use those skis for powder. If you really get a dump, you can rent or demo some powder skis.

I hear very good things about the Punisher.
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Experience as an instructor (a long time ago) reminds me that when on the fence about ski acquisition decision, go with the same brand that the Ski School Director pushes. It's a good opportunity to suck up and they might get you a Pro Form deal too.
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It's not really a ski school with a director and such, just a club for cadets at West point who instead of playing an intramural sport teach local kids how to ski.
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Oh. well in that case For the terrain you'll most often be skiing I would stay under a 90mm waist. Honestly I'd stay closer to 80 but I'm old school. IMO an 85 waist like the Scott and Salomons you mention would be adequate for an advanced or expert to negotiate any amount of powder. But like TC suggests, renting a fatter demo would save your legs some because they do ski noticeably easier on the deep stuff, particularly at slower speeds.

My dad was USMA Class of 51, Go Army!
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