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Skiing Timberline/Mt Hood? Worth the effort for Early Nov?

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Having missed out on much of an epic season in 07/08, and traveling to Portland for business in early November ... Is Timberline worth the effort to hit?

Personally, any skiiing to me would be great and i think i can make a day of Sunday Nov 2nd, but have no clue at to what to expect. I figure I would just rent some ski/demos and make the best of it bringing the lucky shorts with other cloths in case i bow out. Being from the midwest, even snow cone/mash would be overly entertaining and with luck, perhaps the winter would make an early appearance.

anyhow, any Portlanders out there who can give me any clue if its worthwhile? I am by no means an experts, but do blues, groomed blacks as well has hitting a great early feb last yr in Steamboat by getting some decent exposure to powdered blacks.

thanks much,
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I guarantee it will compare favorably in pitch, and snow quality with any hill in Iowa.

The Palmer snow field is a wide open expanse of mountainside, and the pitch would qualify it as at least a blue run at most resorts, and a black diamond at many.

I expect you'll have a great time if you go up (I certainly would if I was in the area), and you'll be the envy of all of us who will be waiting 'til the end of the month for the bullwheels to start turning.
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You have to go. There is no should I go?

Palmer will be open, weather permitting. So please be advised and call or check the web site b4 you wander up there.

You will either be in the clouds, or the rain, or the snow, or the sun, plan accordingly.

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It's a really easy drive from Portland too, particularly at that time of the year. Don't know if I'd head up if it were raining up there, but on the (off) chance of a sunny day, I'd jump at it.
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Dude.... you live in IOWA, you are on a business trip and get a chance to ski?

I guess my question would be, why WOULDN'T you go?
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well gee, i guess i'll just have to go. With luck it won't be raining and will rent. called last night to see if they were open, girl said 'of course' weekends 9 - 3. she did mention that there could be exposed rocks, all the better to rent ; ) heck, might be worth hiking if whether sucks for skiing.

Thanks all!
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Ski Timberline early Nov.

Even if the snow is marginal, the trip to the mountain just to see the lodge is worth the trip. The weather can be anything from bright sunshine to a blizzard. The Timberline Lodge is a Nat Historic site and was a CCC project that is among the best in the world. The skiing is best mid morning to lift close. Typical open times about 9 AM. You might check with the resort since many times they have early season race camps and instructor training until about 2 PM. It is about 1.5 hours driving time each way, depending on the weather, also know how to install chains if the roads do get bad. Go enjoy the great scenery. Jim W.
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Timberline lodge was featured in "The Shining"

You'll have a good time.
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I was on palmer in the middle of july in 1996. Even in the middle of july it was great. I can only imagine in nov it would be even better.

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I second the motion for going if you have the chance. I envy you.
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no questions asked you should go up there. but our weather is ver unpredictable, but we have had a few sunny days in the valley with awsome views of Mt. Hood
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