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The UN

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Lets ignore the UN. They are not our friends. Ironically, while located on our own land, it is the place for third world countries to gang up on the USA. Who needs it?

The present Secretary General probably would have us end the war on terror.In the last 20 or so years, the UN has become an ineffective and irrelevant organization. Without US support, it would have gone the way of the League Nations did before WWII.

It is a propaganda forum. When we needed UN support in Somalia it wasn't there, and it cost American lives. See "Blackhawk Down." While not 100% factual on the military events, the lack of timely UN support was right on the money.

I hope this country never allows the UN to control our destiney in any military action.If they want a US supported UN action, we better be the generals in charge!
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Are you sure your name isn't Dale, and you operate a pest control business in Arlin Texas??
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Next someone will want us to join the John Birch Society.
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Hey - lets just wage war on anybody in the world who isn't our bend-over puppet! USA Uber Alles!!

Wait . . . sorry, I just remembered -- this area is titled "General SKI Discussion" right? Maybe this thread should disappear?
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I think this is a little off subject, no?
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You have my vote for giving it the deep six.
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As US citizen who has worked for the UN I must respectfully but strongly disagree with Wink's views on the relevence and value of the UN. As an organization comprised of 189 sovereign nations, all of which are imperfect in varying degrees, it itself is imperfect. Nontheleless the UN has made valuable and often lifesaving contributions in many areas.

Brian Urquhart has written several books about the UN and some of it key leaders that are very insightful. Urquhart a British citizen, was a ranking UN official for many years. I would commend reading these books to Wink and others who might be interested. His writings include A Life in Peace and War, Hammarsjkold, and Ralph Bunche: an American Life.

Urquhart has also written a number of articles since his retirement on different subjects including actions involving the use of military force in Somalia and elsewhere. A number of them can be found on the web. They are also worthwhile reading before reaching conclusions based the movies and simular material.

edited 2 times to correct some of the most egregious typographical errors.

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Lostboy, are you saying that radical "conservative" Republicans (i.e. Fatty Limburger), and paranoid pseudo-Christian politicos (i.e. Jerry Falwell), and those who are both (i.e. Dubya Bush) are wrong?

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I stand corrected AC, that the UN, unless related to something that will enhance skiing or bring skiing to those that are not able to partake in it, is not an appropriate subject for any of the Epciski.com forums.

And yes I was a little hasty in my comments, because the UN has done some wonderful humanitarian things,which cannot be ignored.

Das ist alles.
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