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Do you think of yourself as a "Bear"?

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I was just wondering how many of the 3000+ registered members feel that they are part of the Barking Bear COMMUNITY, even if they do not post that much.
PS Even a "Fox" can be a "Bear"
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"Even a fox can be a bear"

...and here we see my split personality raising it's ugly head again.

As for question two. My lawyers have advised me to say "no comment" on whether I am a lurker or not (but when have I ever listened to lawyers ). What the police claim is that I was standing in the bushes with binoculars lurking.

My defence will include: She shouldn't have been using such thin curtains anyway. I mean anyone with 8x20s standing in the right place could clearly see through them...

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Fox, as of right now, you have 3337 posts, I don't think that "no comment" works in this case. You are not a lurker...
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Lurker? HA! Faux is the barkingest bear out there.
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I consider myself a Bear turned full-out lurker. When I first joined a couple of years ago I visited the website a few times a day and posted almost every time. Now, I visit the site a few times a day and post about once a month, unusually meaningless ones like this. I think you should add the question, "Are you a Bear turned Lurker?" In a way almost feel like the guy who grew up in a town knowing everyone, then moved away, then moved back to about 1500 new faces.
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.....er no....skied with a few that fit the bill......technicaly I am a native...but realy I am a Maggot...
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Interesting insight into the self image we build and what "tribe" we choose to affiliate ourselves with.
I think of my self as a skier who hangs in several ski oriented forums more than belonging to one specific forum's sore group.
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no, I don't think I am allowed to consider myself a Bear. Because a few people (ahem) don't seem to like me much on here now cause of some stupid poll I wrote. I was kidding with the poll people, get over it!
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I think of myself as part of the "community". Bears are fat and smelly! {But sort of cute!} [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]
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When we meet in Utah, you may decide for yourself whether I'm fat, smelly or cute - probably none of those things. BUT I'M STILL A BEAR, DAMIT! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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You didn't like the hazing? Get used to it. I regularly get schooled by these guys. Best thing to do is take the lumps and laugh at the lot of us for having concerns about critical remarks from a collection of disembodied voices.

If you're concerned about that, you are probably a Bear.

In some cultures, such concerns are diagnostic of schizophrenia. (Let me apologize in advance to all the schizophrenics, their support foundation, and all of you for using a word that probably signals insensitivity and calls for a PC-alert.)
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The qualifying question is --

Do bears **** in the woods?

If the answer is in the affirmative then it is up to the individual to determine whether or not they can achieve this standard on any given day.

(Of course the wind chill on the mountain has to be factored in.)

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Lets see.

I live right next to the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lake Shore, on a part of Lake Michigan called Sleeping Bear Bay.

I visit the national park regularly including the lookout where you can see the remnants of what used to be the rather large mound called the "Sleeping Bear" [ Native American Folklore.]

I have often had food in a restaurant called Le Bear.

By default, even before this web site existed, I thought of myself as a "bear," or at least bear like.

Add to that to my particpation over the years on this web site. Now I just have to ski with a few of you guys, to make it even more "official."

so yes...I'm a "Bear!"
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