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Headphones For Skiing?

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I just picked up a great new mp3 player, and I'm looking for some headphones. The traditional ones that go over the top of the head seem to get pushed around my my hat. The newer backside ones just slip and slide off. The ones that go in your ear hurt like hell.

I'm actually thinking of taking a set of headphones apart and sewing the speakers into a hat.

Any other suggestions?

Reverend Poppy
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I have rarely ever listened to headphones while skiing. But the one time I did consistantly was during the month I spent at Crusty Butt training for and then competing in the Extreme Finals - I listened to hard industrial music the entire time, it helped me say in the psycho mindset that was necessary to ski at those speeds in that terrain! And we always knew that our line was clear ahead of us - but if I'd been on general slopes in such a mindset and listening to such music . . . no doubt I'd be a threat to myself and others!
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How about you sew them into the collar of your jacket so that you can hear the music but STILL hear everything else?
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Nakona - or just hang the headphones off your neck for the same effect.
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Mike -
Well yeah, but it sure would be cool to hardwire it.
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"And one other thing... can you really ski snowbird with one of those little gadgets playign in yer ears?"

Spent many walkman days doing just that in in high school/ early college.

Like a number of other things during that time I look back in amazment to my stupidity.

I am sure I was a threat to my self & others.
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Both my husband and I ski just fine with our tunes. We have MD players which are great to ski with, no skipping and very small and compact. We both ski with helmets and have the head phones glued inside, it works great.
Try skiing at Alyeska, the slopes aren't overcrowded with people always crashing into each other.

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hmm....there are some good suggestions in this thread...i once considered using earphones but thought they would be too annoying. I think i'll look into the collar idea..that'd work quite well

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There was a device I saw advertised years ago called the "BonePhone" or something like that, it sat flat between your shoulders and your neck - shaped like a "U" with the open part downwards towards your belly button. It apparently transmitted crystal clear audio through your bones so that you didn't have your ears covered. Now searching on the net I can't find any trace of it, but its an interesting idea.
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No way!! I suppose its a simple enough concept but i dont think i would ever have tried it out or designed something in a hundred years! Wow...what next eh.

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll end up amongst the stars.
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Heres something like what you were talking about, although they may be different by the way you described the product you were talking about.

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll end up amongst the stars.
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Cool - yeah thats just like what I saw in principle, except the one I saw was imbedded in a soft plastic that draped across your collarbone.
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I had a "bone phone" back in '81.
interesting concept, worked ok. I think the affordability & ubiquitousness of walkman type devices put the company under.
I also used to ski with headphones but do not anymore. safety & enjoying the sounds around, wind whipping thru my helmet is music to my ears.
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I also had a bone fone when they first came out. late 70's? they were as good as any of that vintage head phones but technology of smaller more powerful magnets seems to have overtaken the fidelity of these devices.

Besides you can't blow out an eardrum with them. It seems to me that is the goal of some of the people blasting their music so loud I can hear it 2 chairs back or 2 cars over with all the windows up.
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Thanks to all for your concerns. I'm not too terribly worried about the safety issue. I listen at a very low volume, and only use them on weekday mornings, when there are very few people on the slopes.

Reverend Poppy
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Reverend, don't.
Last time I had headphones on,
I ended up halfway a spruce tree.
I was 16 then...My uncles are still
laughing today at the thought...
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