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Any comments/suggestions for staying at Snowbird?

Background Info
  • It would be roughly from Dec31-Jan4.
  • Skiers and boarders. All very experienced. Some even quite good.
  • Preference for on-piste, non-moguls. But like some adventuring.
  • Willing to "pay up" for staying there. Looking for two bedroom suite. (I know it would be much cheaper to stay off area, but that is not the concern here.)
Is this as good a weather-guess as anywhere in the UT/CO area? That is, decent snow this time of year?

Any recommendations on which facility to stay in at Snowbird?

Should we be able to get a good room/lift ticket package?

I just talked to a phone operator there, and she wasn't much help - - she was actually quite confused. Thought I'd seek some advice here, before calling back.


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I can't help you with the lodging except to say I have stayed at the Cliff a few times years ago. I would think all the lodges are fairly luxurious. It is as good as any skiing in Utah as far as the snow/weather goes,(in fact it is as good as it gets!), and the snow should be fine unless there was a big high pressure settled in the last few weeks before your stay, that can happen randomly anytime of the year.
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If you are primarily looking for on-piste, non-moguls, then I would recommend PCMR or the Canyons instead of Snowbird. Plenty of lodging choices there as well.
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I booked at condo at The Cliff Lodge through myresortnetwork.com. The condo/timeshares at the Cliff have more of a kitchen than the regular hotel rooms and they all face the mountain. For 6 of us, it was fairly economical. It was fabulous to ski/in and out. I thought it was definetely worth it.
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The Cliff is the only truly ski in ski out. We will be there from the third to tenth of Jan.
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