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Ski Recommendations?!?

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Hi y'all! My first post here and I am excited to join the community.

I am 6' 205# and consider myself an advanced skier. I live in Carbondale, CO and spend my weekends skiing the Aspen/Snowmass areas. I have never really considered myself very knowledgable on skis and have usually purchased skis that were either a good deal or simply from reading reviews by others but never have skied the skis I have purchased prior to purchasing.

I look to y'all to suggest some skis that could fit my mold. I like the steeps and deeps, like moguls, and corduroy as the last run of the day since it is usually unavoidable anyway. I also like doing backcountry. I enjoy jumping off of "smaller" cliffs/rocks/jumps and want to work up to bigger and bigger ones.

Right now I am skiing on BD Havoc's with Fritschi Freeride bindings and they are my one-ski-quiver as I retired my Machete's since they were trashed. I wear Garmont Adrenaline boots and since wearing them I have a real hard time wearing true alpine boots since the Adrenalines are so light and comfortable. Am I missing something by only wearing the Adrenalines?

I am interested in another setup for the majority of resort skiing I do and to also try and prolong the life of my Havoc's for the backcountry. I have tried 2006-2007 Volkl Gotama's and didn't really like the stiffness of them...

Can anyone help a brother out?


P.S. Aspen had their first snow last night...the light and fluffy stuff...oh yeah!

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First of all, to the boot question...you might look at some of the new Garmonts that are an overlap design (argon, axon). Should give you very similar comfort to your Adrenalin's but a little more traditional perfomance.

Now to skis...a few suggestions that are on the softer side: The Armada ARV's
Dynastar Big Troubles
K2 Obsethed
K2 Kung Fujas
Salomon Gun
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At the risk of being the broken record on this site, your about the same size as the guy in the thread I posted:

"You want Movement Thunders in a 187. I am 5'10" and 180lbs. The is no way my Nordica Nitrous can match my Thunders for full on speed. On days when there isn't much if any fresh on the mtn and I am just going mach looney, the Thunders are the grippiest, most full tilt ski I have ever skied. Check them out at http://www.movementskis.com/ I saw a Euro site the other day that had 07/08s left for cheap. Look at:http://www.telemark-pyrenees.com/sho...oducts_id=2810"

I am uncertain how these will work in moguls for you, as I bought a softer ski for mogul type runs, (I suck in the moguls) but for everything else, they will rock your world.
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