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My 6 yr old's boots

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My daughter will be 6 in December and last year was her first year skiing. She really took to it and can comfortably ski most western blue runs so long as no big bumps and some eastern black (spent a week at Solitude last spring and she was comfortable and controlled on pretty much anything groomed and blue there). Anyway, I was gearing her up for the upcoming season and the shop put her in same rear-entry one buckle (Rossi R18) boots she had last year. These were fine for her getting started last year, but I'm wondering if really she should be in an overlap shell now for more snug/precise fit as she transitions from stemming turns to fully parallel and then to less skidding, more carving (e.g., a 3 buckle overlap like Lange Comp 50 or some such). She's only 3'10" and 44 lbs so maybe she's still at a stage where comfort and warmth is way more important than "performance" fit? But I've also heard that some of these kiddie rear-entry boots can actually be harder to flex than soft overlap shells even though they are supposed to be for very small kids. Anyway, interested in what you all think, especially the shop guys who would be in the know about such things. Thanks!

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Yes, get her an overlap boot like the Lange T-Kid 40.
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I recommend renting "better line" boots from a shop that will make adjustments as the foot grows.

Same for skis when the "growth spurt" stage hits.

Find a good quality shop that does good gear ... and ... with the one local shop that I was dealing with, adjustments were free even during the year.

Overall, since kids stuff has minimal resale value IMHO, you come out way ahead.

The bad news is in those "kiddie" sizes there is not much available in terms of performance. A reasonable and comfortable fit is what to shoot for. Look for a three buckle conventional boot. And get her a good ski sock .... don't try to pack er' in trying to get an extra year by having her wear two pairs. The boots should be fitted with those socks.
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Here is an option, Roces adjustable boot. I don't have any first hand experience, but friends have been happy with it. My daughter is at the top of one size and I don't want to buy back to back years.

disclaimer: I have no interest in this company or its distributors.
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One word for you...plug.
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Philpug --

You think they make those new Lange Supercomp 140s with the 92mm last in Mondo 18.5 ? ;-)

-- Josh
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I have my son in the Salomon Performa T3. It's a great boot for that age and reasonably priced. I'm not sure how small they run but you could go to the Performa T2 which is the same but in smaller sizes and only 2 buckles.
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