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Just wanted to post a quick note thanking you all for such a cool forum. Love this site. Brand new to the site but have monitored for some time. Great info is posted here. Again, thank you.

Probably won't do a great amount of posting but who knows. The more I have to tend to sick kids the more time in front of computer (while they are resting, of course). Besides, you never know when the "naked-yeti-man" will show up.

I do have one question for the experts. I have an eight yr old son that is pretty good on skis. He tackles BD w/out much hesitation. He's ~4'3", ~73 lbs. He's skied 100cm Atomic Race-5 for the past three years but has outgrown them. He wants to be able to tackle more of the mountain (trees, park and powder); thus, the desire on his part for TTs. Local shop has some K2 Juvys at 119cm (and at a good price) that seem like a good fit now. My thinking is that they may be too short for the long term. What might be the best approach?

(So much for the "quick note.")